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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Holiday Light Display in Arkansas?

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Tell us which light displays you look forward to seeing every year at Christmastime.

Christmas lights

Computer light display at 10 Barber Drive in Maumelle. That's just off Arnold Palmer drive. Looks great
—Guest Allen

The best in NWA!

By far the best Christmas light display in Northwest Arkansas if not the whole state is the Hull House lights in Springdale. The lights dance and flash to music. It is awesome. You can get directions on their website at www.thehullhouse.com.
—Guest BobJ

Favorite Christmas lights for Me

There is only one answer to that even though because of neighbors...its a past display:The Osborne Christmas Light display. I was in the hospital in 1990. Baptist off 630. I was fighting for my life and it was close to Christmas. I could see the red glow from my bed. I can remember saying..when I am well, I am going to go see that display and I did. We waited to weed through traffic for 2.5 hrs after my release but it was worth it. It was beautiful and for me, very spiritual. I get that they had problems with getting in and out of their driveways but...they sure ruined it for the rest of us. I fought to live to see those lights..I wonder how many other families have used it as a show of hope and faith.

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