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Quirky and Offbeat Attractions in Arkansas


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Mammoth Orange Care in Redfield
Mammoth Orange Cafe

Mammoth Orange Cafe

Amanda Galiano
The Mammoth Orange Cafe in Redfield has been attracting roadside tourists since the 60s.

Redfield is about an hour from Little Rock, towards Pine Bluff. My mom tells me that the Mammoth Orange used to be a must stop on the way to Pine Bluff. You can bypass it these days, but why would you? They have excellent milkshakes, a decent menu and you'll be eating in a piece of Americana.

The Mammoth Orange Cafe was built in 1965 by Earnestine Bradshaw. It was shaped like a giant orange to mimic the Orange Julius stands that were popping up all over California in the 50s and 60s. Mrs. Bradshaw had worked at orange drink stand, and wanted to bring that back to Arkansas. Mrs. Bradshaw passed away in 2007, but the Orange is still carrying on in her memory. It's open today and operates as a dairy bar and cafe.

You can read the full review and find the link to the directions. If you're heading towards Pine Bluff or going to Redfield, be sure to stop in and enjoy the Mammoth Orange.

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