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Quirky and Offbeat Attractions in Arkansas


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The Little Golden Gate Bridge
Little Golden Gate Bridge

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The Little Golden Gate Bridge in Beaver takes the name "Little" seriously. It's only 554 feet long and 11 feet wide. The Beaver bridge is the last remaining suspension bridge in Arkansas. Just be careful. It's a one lane bridge, so you have to be considerate to oncoming traffic. You don't have to worry about much traffic in the sleepy town of Beaver, though. The town is almost as small as the bridge.

The bridge is pretty spooky on it's own, even without the traffic issues. The bridge itself is made of wooden planks, kind of like hardwood flooring. When you travel over the bridge, you can hear it creaking and wobbling. You wonder, "Will it hold?" It's held up since 1949, so your probably safe.

The bridge has had it's hard times, though. It was hit pretty hard by the rains of 2008, and the state highway department has suggested tearing it down to make room for a new, modern bridge. However, historians and locals are quick to protest and it was repaired when it was damaged. It's not quite as wobbly now as it was, which might be a good thing.

The Little Golden Gate Bridge is on AR 187, which which runs from Ark. 23 to U.S. 62 between Holiday Island and Rogers and very close to Eureka Springs (map). This is one of the most scenic areas in the state. What else can you do in Beaver? Well, check out the "Save the Little Golden Gate Bridge" page to learn more about Beaver Arkansas. The area is actually pretty popular with bikers because of the scenic drives.

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