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Quirky and Offbeat Attractions in Arkansas


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Popeye Statue in Alma

This is the actual Popeye statue.

Amanda Galiano
One of my favorite things in Arkansas is the Popeye statue in Alma.

It's an incredibly cheesy statue, but I love it. If you're a big Popeye fan, you can also check out the spinach can water tower that proclaims Alma the spinach capital of the world. The spinach can is found off U.S. 71 North and also proudly sports Popeye the Sailor man.

The first Popeye statue was built in 1987 out of paper mache and fiberglass. It was retired in 2007 and replaced with the great bronze statue you see in Alma's town square (Fayetteville Ave) today. The original statue is in a store called Kustom Kaps right up the street.

Why all the Popeye love in Alma? Alma is the home of Allen's Canning Company, which cans spinach. They are also the home to the Spinach Festival every year, normally around April.

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