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Things to Do in Arkansas

Looking for some things to do in Arkansas? Every city in Arkansas has something to offer! Here are some can't miss destinations for you try.
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The Best Arkansas State and National Parks
Arkansas has about 50 state and national parks. That's why we're called the Natural State. With all these parks, it's almost impossible to visit every one. Each one offers something special. These are, in my opinion, the can't miss parks in Arkansas.

Photos of Arkansas
You have to see Arkansas to believe it. Check out these photographs of various Arkansas sites, festivals and attractions.

Inexpensive Day Trips
The average car gets at least 300 miles per tank. That's 150 miles to and from the location.

Camping in Arkansas
Camping is one of the most enjoyable activities Arkansas families do in the summer but, you can go camping anytime you want to get away from the rush of city life. What can be more fun than camping?

Best Off-Beat Roadside Attractions
Want to find some odd and interesting road side attractions in Arkansas? These are my favorite 10 wacky, odd and out of this world roadside attractions in Arkansas.

Best Rides for Bikers
The perfect motorcycle drive has to be twisting, hilly, scenic and not too busy. Arkansas has a few scenic routes that bikers can enjoy. Our roads will take you through National Forests, parks, and scenic vistas.

Fort Smith - Hanging Judge Isaac Parker's Court
You've heard about "hanging judge" Isaac Parker, but did you know he held court in Arkansas? In 21 years on the bench, Judge Parker tried 13,490 cases, and one hundred and sixty men were sentenced to death by hanging. You can visit his court and gallows in Fort Smith.

Arkansas Scenic Byway 7
If quaint towns, beautiful mountains, outstretched lakes, friendly people, history and never ending forest sounds good to you, you should spend a day exploring Arkansas Scenic Highway 7.

Guy - Riddle's Elephant Sanctuary
Riddle's shelters any elephant in need no matter what species, sex or disposition. Most of the elephants at the farm are retired entertainers from circus elephants to elephants that small zoos could no longer support.

Hope - President Bill Clinton's Birthplace
The Hope visitor's center is housed in in the historic Missouri-Pacific Railroad depot. You can also visit Clinton's birthplace.

Arkansas Botanical Gardens
Nothing is better than spending the day outside surrounded in the beauty of nature. Nature can't get any better than Arkansas and Arkansas can't get much more beautiful than these public botanical gardens.

Turpentine Creek Big Cat Sanctuary
Turpentine Creek is a big cat rescue and refuge located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. They take in rescued big cats that have been kept as pets and are no longer wanted, from roadside zoos that have closed and any other big cat that needs a home. Find out information on visiting the sanctuary.

Heber Springs World Championship Cardboard Boat Races
Who ever heard of a cardboard boat? These boats really float and are made only of cardboard, glue, tape and some shellac.

The Crystal Bridges Museum
Information on visiting the Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, AR.

The Arkansas Missouri Railroad
Information about riding on the nostalgic Arkansas Missouri Railroad.

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