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Top 12 Unique and Interesting Shops


If you're looking for something small for that special someone and nothing ordinary will do, these are the shops to visit. These small gifts will make a big impression. These shops will probably be a bit more expensive than the local Wally World but the quality and unique selection make the cost worth it. The shops are listed in no particular order.

1. Haus Werk

Located at 2923 Kavanaugh Blvd, this shop has some really unique things for your house. The show has things like dishes, decorations and even dog bowls. The items are always interesting. Some clothing can also be found here. 501-663-5251.

2. Full Moon

This is another store for unique housewares. The are located at 3625 Kavanaugh Blvd. They have more than just housewares though and a great variety of small gifts can be found here. This shop is crammed full of interesting things. 501-663-4367.

3. The Green Corner Store

The Green Corner Store is more of a general store, but they do have gift items. The interesting thing about the Green Corner Store is that many of their items are Arkansas made products, and they feature some products from local artisans. They are located at the corner of 15th and Main.

4. Box Turtle

Located on 2616 Kavanaugh Blvd, this tiny store has some great, unique items. The most impressive items are their unique pieces of jewelry. Their selection is small but it's original. 501-661-1167.

5. Four Square Gifts

Four Square Gifts is small, but they have a lot of items packed in a small space. They feature Arkansas produced products, mostly food items and soaps. It's a great place to put together and Arkansas gift basket, or you can have them make a gift basket for you. They are at 405 President Clinton Ave.

6. Firefly Studios

Here you can paint your own pottery just to suite the person on your wish list (or get them a gift certficate and let them paint their own). This is a lot of fun and you can make great personal gifts. Located at the Village in Pleasant Valley (I 430 and Rodney Parham Road). 501-225-1403.

7. Diane's Gourmet Luxuries and Catering

Don't let the "Catering" part of the name throw you. Anyone who enjoys good food (like Godiva chocolates) can go here and get a great gift basket or something to give to your favorite person. They have gourmet chocolates but they also have other, not so sweet dishes. Located on 11121 N. Rodney Parham Rd. 501-224-2639.

8. Interior Expressions

Interior Expressions is located at 11121 N. Rodney Parham Rd. They have great things for your house including decoration, tableware and more. 501-312-8885.

9. Posh

Most of the stuff you'll find at 5507 Ranch Dr won't fit in a stocking. Posh is mostly a furniture store but they also have things to decorate your house. It's fun to walk through and you might find the one thing you think your friend can live without. 501-312-0400.

10. River Market Books and Gifts

Located at 120 Commerce Street, this bookstore is operated by the Friends of the Central Arkansas Libraries. However, you won't just find books here, even though books do make great gifts. You can also find jewelry, housewares and other little trinkets. 501-918-3093.

11. Vesta's Unique Gifts & Home

This store is filled with all sorts of little trinkets and gifts that you would have never thought of. Located at 315 N Bowman Rd, 501-375-7820.

12. The Heights Toy Center

For the littles one on your Christmas list, the Heights Toy Center is the place to go! They have a lot of toys that will remind you of your own childhood. You won't find Nintendos here. Located at 5918 "R" Street, 501-663-8383.

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