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About.com Readers' Choice Awards Winners

The Best of Little Rock


Readers' Choice

Readers' Choice

Readers' Choice
The Little Rock Readers' Choice Awards consisted of 10 categories. Here are the winners. You can see all the nominees here.
  • Best Food Truck: Hot Dog Mike wins this category. No surprise there. He was people's choice at last year's Main Street Food Truck Festival. More Food Trucks
  • Best Little Rock Blog: Arkansas Foodies is a great blog about local food and restaurants.
  • Best Late Night Spot: The Flying Saucer wins this category. They are a great place with so many beers on tap, it'd be hard to try them all. You can try. Some succeed. Local bars
  • Best Place for Pets: Northside Aquatics wins. This great little fish and aquarium store is located in Maumelle.
  • Best New Thing: Museum of Discovery wins this for their great remodel. More museums.
  • Best Little Rock Shop: Barbara/Jean wins this award. Local clothing and accessory stores.
  • Best Local Secret: B-Side, the great little breakfast shop, wins this award. More about B-Side.
  • Best Little Rock Restaurant: Ashley's at the Capitol and Brave New Restaurant tied this one. More fine dining.
  • Best Museum, Theater or Gallery: Museum of Discovery wins this category too. More museums.
  • Best Local Spa: Quy's Salon and Spa and Indulgences Spa tie for this one. More spas
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