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The Best Things to Do in Little Rock

Little Rock is full of fun things to do. Find information about arts, entertainment, local attractions, restaurants, movies and more. If you're looking for things to do in Little Rock, you'll find it and easy to print travel guides.
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Top Little Rock Attractions / Little Rock in a Day
Spending a day in Little Rock? These are 10 can't miss attractions. Visit some of the most popular destinations and must sees in Little Rock.

Visit Downtown Little Rock
The River Market and downtown Little Rock are the headquarters for family fun, dining out, night life and more in Little Rock. Find out what you need to know before you visit.

The Best of Little Rock
Find the top attractions in Little Rock based on what you like you do. The perfect stops for couples, singles, families, foodies, people seeking adventure and more!

Walking Tour of Downtown Little Rock
If you want to see downtown Little Rock but you don't want the hassle of driving, a walking tour is perfect! The best part is that most of the sites to see in downtown Little Rock are pretty close together.

Best Downtown Hotels
Are you planning a trip to downtown Little Rock? These are the best hotels in the downtown area! You can be pampered, be in the middle of the booming downtown area and/or be close to any convention or event you're planning to attend.

Free Things To Do In Little Rock
Who couldn't stand to save some money? If you're penny pinching but still want something fun to do, check out these fun, free things to do in Little Rock. Arkansas has lots of great little spots that won't cost you anything . . . except maybe a tank of gas.

The Best Night Life
Little Rock has some great nightlife, especially downtown Little Rock. There are plenty of bars that cater to beer drinkers, and you'll find no shortage of live music.

Little Rock & Arkansas Photo Galleries
Check out the best of Little Rock and Arkansas with these photographs.

Clinton's Little Rock : A Tour
Everyone knows that Clinton was born in Hope, but he spent most of his Arkansas time in Little Rock. Besides the obvious Capitol and Governor's Mansion, here are some other great places that he used to visit when he lived here.

Low Paced Little Rock Attractions
If you like to take it slow but still have some fun, try these attractions. These attractions will show you the natural state without breaking a sweat.

Top 10 Movie Theaters
Want to catch a movie in Little Rock? Here are the best places to go!

About.com Readers' Choice Awards Winners
Winners for the About.com Readers' Choice Awards. Your favorite local, Little Rock, businesses.

About.com Readers' Choice Awards
Nominate your favorite local businesses for an About.com Readers' Choice Award.

Best Places to Take a Selfie
Here are some great photo opportunities in Little Rock. You can take vacation photos and selfies here.

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