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Park A Day 2008 Index

Celebrating Arkansas State Parks' 75th Anniversary


This is the index for the summer of 2008 feature where we celebrated the 75th Anniversary of Arkansas State Parks by visiting a park a day, learning about the history of that park and its present use.

For parks with profiles, I linked the profile (which will include directions, amenity info, etc) beside the link to the feature article.

  1. June 1: Park A Day Intro - The intro to the feature and why I think Arkansas Parks are special.
  2. June 2: Toltec Mounds (Park Profile) - On June 2, 1978 Toltec Mounds Archaeological State Park was designated as national historic landmark. Today, it's a fun place for kids to learn about Arkansas history.
  3. June 3: Petit Jean (Park Profile) - Petit Jean was the first state park in 1933 and still one of my faves.
  4. June 4: Crowley's Ridge (Park Profile)- Crowley's Ridge is a good example of the work of the the Civilian Conservation Corps. You can still see their efforts in log cabins, rolling hills and quiet trails.
  5. June 5: Jacksonport State Park (Park Profile)- Jacksonsport is famous for Portfest, but the port has been celebrated since before the Civil War.
  6. June 6: Lake Degray Resort State Park (Park Profile)- Degray has some of the most stellar views in the state, but hasn't always been a lake. Today, they are well know for their resort and great interpretive programs.
  7. June 9: Mount Nebo State Park - Nebo is one of the only parks in the state where you can hang glide. They also have 14 miles of trail if you want to keep your feet on the ground.
  8. June 10: Cane Creek State Park- Cane Creek is the second largest lake constructed by Arkansas Game and Fish. It's a great place for fishing, kayaks and other water sports.
  9. June 11: Pinnacle Mountain (Park Profile) - Little Rock's favorite state park, this little hill is a short drive from Little Rock.
  10. June 12: Logoly- Logoly is Arkansas's first environmental education state park and the third environmental education park in the nation. The initial land was acquired in 1974 and the park officially opened in 1978.
  11. June 13: Cossatot River- Cossatot is quite a drive from Little Rock (about three hours), but if you're into whitewater rafting, it's well worth it!
  12. June 16: Queen Wilhelmina (Park Profile) - Queen Wilhelmina is in the same area as Cossatot and known as the "castle in the clouds." The park has great views, and a great lodge.
  13. June 17: Arkansas Post Museum- There are two parks that are called "Arkansas Post," but both commemorate the first Arkansas settlement. The national park is nice, but the state park museum is worth a look too.
  14. June 18: Parkin Archaeological State Park- This was the site of the first recorded Christian ceremony in Arkansas on June 18, 1541. It is currently a working archaeological dig.
  15. June 19: Ozark Folk Center(Park Profile)- The Ozark Folk Center is located in Mountain View, the capitol of folk music. The Ozark Folk Center has many activities centered on music and folk crafts.
  16. June 20: Mount Magazine (Park Profile)- Mount Magazine is the highest point in the state and a great place to see rare butterflies.
  17. June 23: Crater of Diamonds (Park Profile)- Many large diamonds have been found in Arkansas, including the most perfect diamond ever unearthed. Will you be next? Find out more about this special state park. No one else has anything like it.
  18. June 24: Village Creek State Park- Village Creek is the second largest park in the state park system, the largest being Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area in Rogers. It's little talked about, but it's two great lakes make for excellent fishing and wildlife watching.
  19. June 25: Lower White River State Park Museum- This small museum chronicles the history of the White River and the town of Des Arc. Eight exhibits tell why the river was important and a research room helps you to research your genealogy.
  20. June 26: White Oak Lake State Park- White Oak State Park is on the shore of White Oak Lake. White Oak Lake is great for fishing and wildlife viewing, especially viewing water fowl. The park has 45 campsites, including 41 class B and four tent sites.
  21. June 27: Lake Dardanelle State Park (Park Profile)- Lake Dardanelle is actually a part of the Arkansas River. The man made reservoir that is the lake was constructed as part of the McClellan – Kerr Waterway Construction Project which helped make the Arkansas river accessible to commercial ships. It's one the best places for fishing in the state.
  22. June 30: Devil's Den (Park Profile)- Devil's Den is one of my favorite parks. They also have beautiful hiking trials, an 8 acre lake and expansive forests. It's a great park that we should all be proud of.
  23. July 1: Lake Ouachita (Park Profile) - Ouachita is one of the most popular parks in the state, but it's so big that you can find a peaceful spot to collect your thoughts even on the busiest days.
  24. July 2: Bull Shoals- Bull Shoals dam forms Bull Shoals Lake, Arkansas’s largest lake with 45,440 acres of waters. The lake is located on the White River and said to be some of the best fishing in Arkansas.
  25. July 9: Louisiana Purchase State Park (Park Profile) - The Louisiana Purchase State Park, which really isn't much of a "park." It is more of a nice stroll. No amenities, but nice history and a great elevated view of a headwater swamp.
  26. July 10: Hampson Archeological Museum State Park - The park is not a working archaeological dig like Parkin, but a museum that exhibits artifacts from the Nodena site. The Nodena are most famous for human depictions created in clay.
  27. July 11: Historic Washington State Park - Did you know that Arkansas supplied troops and rendezvous points in the Mexican-American War? The place that is now Historic Washington State Park was one of those points.
  28. July 15: Blanchard Springs (Park Profile) - Blanchard Springs is not a state park, but it's still a great park to visit. It's part of the National Forestry Service. They have attempted to keep the caverns as close to natural conditions as possible.
  29. July 16: Lake Chicot - Lake Chicot is Arkansas largest natural lake. The park is known for great fishing and year-round bird watching.
  30. July 17: Woolley Hollow State Park- Woolly Hollow State Park is located in Greenbrier and has over 40-acres of water for you to swim, boat and fish.

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