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Arkansas Razorback Football

The Best Sites for Hawg Info


Ask anyone who follows college football and you'll find out there are very few things Arkansans love more than their Razorbacks. Arkansas is well known for its fanatical devotion to its team. It's amazing to see the show of support for the Hogs on the roads of Little Rock whenever there is a home game. It doesn't matter if they win or lose, we're always proud to Hog Call them (if you've never heard the Hog Call, you should attend a game sometime and get first hand experience).

1. The Official University Page

The official Razorback site is the best Razorback "news" site. The site offers articles about the Razorbacks (in all sports), information about facilities, recruits, buying tickets and more. You can find everything you want to know about the Hogs here.

2. Whole Hog Sports

This page is a product of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, and it's full of news, recruiting info and more.  It covers all Razorback sports, not just Football.

3. WooPig.net

This is a fan sponsored site with a message board and a blog. The message boards are pretty active.

4. The Slophouse

This is a blog written by Matt Jones, who writes for Hawgs Illustrated.

5. Arkansas Sports 360

Arkansas Sports 360 is one of the definitive sources for sports news in Arkansas. Any breaking news will be here.

6. Hog Nation

Hog Nations tracks former Razorbacks. They have stats, stories, pictures, a message board for you to interact on. They track former Razorbacks in every sport.

7. Razorbloggers Network

If you're really obsessed with the Hogs, here you can find information and blog posts from man Razorback bloggers. You can also find out who to follow on Twitter.

8. Hog Database

This is the page to find any random stats about the Razorbacks you want to find.

9. Calling the Hogs

ESPN's Razorback site.

10. Hogville

A large Razorback fansite. It's been around for a while. Lots of active forums.
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