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Rodney Parham / Breckenridge in Little Rock


Breckenridge Village

Breckenridge Village

Amanda Galiano

Rodney Parham and Breckenridge:

Rodney Parham and Breckenridge have many unique shops, restaurants, clubs and even a movie theater. These shops are in west Little Rock and not too far from the shops at Market and Merrill.

Breckenridge Village - 10301 N Rodney Parham Rd:

For entertainment, Breckenridge Village boasts the UA Breckenridge Village movie theater and the Looney Bin Comedy Club.

For kids, you'll find the The Wonder Place and Gymboree. These places are activity centers for younger children.

If you're looking for men's clothing, try Greenhaw's Menswear. Females can shop at Barbara Graves Intimate Fashion, Elle Ladies' Apparel, Kristin Todd Accessories, Forsythe's Ladies' Apparel and Pinky Punky, a popular location for prom and party dresses.

FirstStaff and ASAP Personnell Services can also be found here.

Ashley Square - 9100 Rodney Parham:

Ashley Square hosts many of the national retailers that are found on Rodney Parham. Some national chains found in Ashley Square include Blockbuster Video, Sally's Beauty Supplies, T.J. Maxx and Drug Emporium. You'll also find Gifts of Arkansas, Premium Pet Products, Vitamins Plus and Area 51.

Trellis Square - 10720 Rodney Parham Road:

Trellis Square is a small shopping center that has a few shops and services.

Services include LR Hair Productions, Arkansas Hair Clinic, Fitness F-X and US Bank. You can also go to Trellis Square for instruction. Little Rock Jams gives music lessons and Joel's House of Dance gives dance instruction. The Christian Science Reading Room is located here.

For shopping, you'll find Cecil's Jewelry and A Woman's Wish List, Footlights and J. Pruitt Shoes, All Stars Balloons and Gifts and Radio Shack.

Damgoode Pies has one of their smaller locations here that offers carry-out and delivery only.

The Village - 10700 N Rodney Parham Rd:

The Village is one of the bigger shopping centers in the Rodney Parham area and it features the Dixie Cafe and Chili's. You'll also find a Wild Oats for your organic eating pleasure. Wild Oats has great prepared food to go.

If you're looking for gifts, try The Crown Shop pr Firefly Studios. Firefly studios allows you to paint your own gifts and The Crown Shop is a card and novelty shop.

Services found here include Scottrade, Staffmark Office Staffing, SuperCuts, Country Wide and Charles Schwab.

Best of: Food:

There's not a whole lot of food in these shopping centers. The Village has everyone beat with Chili's, Wild Oats and the Dixie Cafe. The Dixie Cafe is excellent if you like southern food. There's an Olive Garden on the other side of the road, near Chili's and a Chuck E. Cheese in the same area. Damgoode Pies is always a good bet if you're looking for take-out.

Best of: Shops:

Pinky Punky and Barbara Graves are great shops, although Pinky Punky is more of a special occasion shop. You can't beat TJ Maxx for a bargain.

Best of: Entertainment:

Although I don't like the Looney Bin myself, lots of my friends do. I'll settle for the UA Breckenridge or better yet, go to Blockbuster and rent some movies.

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