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Ozark Mountain Smokehouse - Great Breakfast in Little Rock

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This breakfast isn't the cheapest in Little Rock but it's one of the best. They offer homemade bacon, jams and jellies and bread. It's a great place to bring out of town visitors. They'll want to come back.

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CLOSED. Ozark Country Restaurant replaced Ozark Mountain Smokehouse. This review is of the former spot, since the new management a lot of this review no longer applies.

If you want a real southern breakfast made with real southern food, the Ozark Mountain Smokehouse will make you happy. If you've never had fresh bacon and jam before, visit them and see what you've been missing. Everyone I ask about breakfast in Little Rock immediately mentions this place and they're not wrong.

Everything at the Smokehouse is made from real ingredients. You won't find powdered eggs or gravy here. Jams, eggs, potatoes and even the bacon are made from scratch. It's all delicious too. The biscuits just could be the best in the city.

Prices run about $7-10 for breakfast. They also serve lunch with prices in the same range. The Ozark Mountain Smokehouse has stores located in Russellville, Fayetteville and other locations in Arkansas that cure most of the meats used in the Little Rock store It is an Arkansas owned operation. The Little Rock restaurant is located at 201 Keightley Drive, Little Rock, AR 72207. You can call them at 501-663-7319. They have a catalog on their website.

Visitor Review: anonymous (2 stars) - 5/1/07

Authentic country atmosphere but the food was absolutely awful. Don't believe the hype. The omelets are small and very greasy. The coffee is weak. The pancakes taste like cardboard. I was very disappointed and would never return or recommend it to anyone. Do yourselves a favor and go to Cracker Barrel.

Visitor Review: Pat McElroy (1 Star)

Location is great. Website from Ozark Mountain Smokehouse plays the hype about how good it is. Makes it appear to be "one of theirs." Don't believe it.The omelets were no more than greasy scrambled eggs with a few chunks of ham tossed in---not enough so you'd notice you received a meat portion, but enough to see in the eggs. You don't receive the homemade jams and jellies that are touted on the websitee---you get the pre-packaged junk that you get at any other fast food joint. You don't get the freshly smoked meats that you're promised. You only get one biscuit and you certainly don't get real hash browns... you get cubed potatoes that have been fried or baked. You get the same prices for a lot less quality food.I don't plan on ever going there again. I also won't recommend that anyone I know go there.

Visitor Review: Anonymous (5 Stars)

We love this place. The country breakfast is amazing. I have turned many people on to this place & they all love it. The atmosphere is very smoky. Don't go for lunch during the week when you have to go back to work because you will smell like smoke all day.
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 5 out of 5
The Ozark Country Restaurant..., Member BhChambers

IS the Ozark Mountain Smokehouse. True, the Smokehouse company is no more, but the famous company dissolved way back in 2004 or 2005. Each restaurant was either closed or continued on independently. The current owner of the Ozark Country Restaurant is the same manager, that has managed the place in over a decade so every review about the Keightly Smokehouse should be merited to the Ozark Country Restaurant. It has changed in name only. Furthermore, the restaurant has had the same cook for 15 years. If you've eaten there in the last 10 years, you've eaten his cooking and so all reviews, good or bad, is due to the Ozark Country Restaurant. Though it no longer offers Smokehouse meats, it still offers the same homemade jellies, though they only make them available upon request. There is a front shelf that has them on display. The Jellies and preservers are the same ones offered by the old Smokehouse, they are another company that split from the Smokehouse... All food is Arkansas based, as they support local Arkansas business by buying their products for you to enjoy. Their hashbrowns are actually in fact grilled redskin potatoes, not diced potato bits like every other restaurant offers. It is NOT CLOSED, it has NOT UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT It is the same management for 10 years! They are open everyday from 6:30AM to 1:30PM, staying open till 2PM on Weekends only. They serve breakfast all day, and lunch starts at 10:30. Please change the status of this restaurant as OPEN

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