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The Oyster Bar Review - Little Rock, AR

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This is a great place for a quick business lunch if you like seafood!

Guide Review: Good Southern Seafood

The Oyster Bar is hidden away at 3003 West Markham Street but it's worth looking for. It's the perfect place to go for a quick lunch, especially if you work in the area.

They, of course, serve seafood. They have your basic shrimp, fried clams and fried oysters. They also have specials throughout the week. I hear that the Tuesday and Thursday shrimp creole ($4.75) is the best thing on the menu. On Wednesdays you can get 2 small soups, a po-boy sandwich and two drinks for just $10.95. Prices for other items range from $4.50 for a quarter pound of shrimp to 11.95 for a grilled snapper dinner. You can view their menu on their site. The po-boys have some non-seafood items like chicken and ham and cheese.

The side dishes are worth a trip by themselves. They have great spicy hushpuppies, fried okra, onion rings and more. Side dishes are about $1.50.

The place isn't fancy. The decor is minimum. The wait services won't hoover over you but they will be around if you need them. Overall it's a nice place if you want a casual dinner or a quick lunch.

They are located at 3003 West Markham Street in Little Rock, at the intersection of Kavanaugh and West Markham. Call 501-666-7100 for more information.


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