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Little Rock Real Estate

Looking to move to Little Rock or just change your neighborhood? These links will point you to listings so you can compare rent, prices and photos for various houses, apartments and other properties.

Buy a Home
Buying a house can be a stressful experience, but with the right tools it can also be fun.

Home Building and Supplies in Arkansas
Though you can get building materials shipped in from anywhere when building or remodeling, here are some local home builders and suppliers in Arkansas. Not all of these builders and suppliers are in Little Rock, but all have locations in Arkansas.

The Heights Neighborhood
The Heights is one of the older neighborhoods in Little Rock and is considered one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Little Rock. Much like Hillcrest, you can find a variety of styles of homes ranging from the late 1800s to the 1900s.

Hillcrest Neighborhood
Hillcrest is one of the oldest parts of Little Rock and contains examples of almost every style of home that was popular from the turn of the century to World War II.

Chenal Valley Neighborhood
Information about West Little Rock Chenal Valley.

Pleasant Valley Neighborhood
Pleasant Valley is the quintessential high class Little Rock neighborhood.

Real Estate Central
You can view a current listing of homes in the area and get contact information about any houses you are interested in.

Little Rock Neighborhoods: Where to Live
Sometimes finding a place in a new city can be hard! These are some of the best neighborhoods to live in and around Little Rock. Best doesn't necessarily mean most expensive. You can find reasonable housing in some of the areas.

Apartment Hunting
Looking for an apartment? These tips, links and reviews will help you find the perfect place!

Cost of Living: Rent and Utilities Comparision
How does Arkansas compare, in terms of costs, to other states? Check out how we compare to some of our neighbors.

Crye-Leike Real Estate
Crye-Leike, the largest real estate company in the Mid-South and Tennessee, has a nice property search tool you can use to look at houses in Little Rock and surrounding cities.

Hot Springs Real Estate
This Real Estate site has information about homes in Hot Springs and information about moving to the Hot Springs area. The site features new and used homes in the Hot Springs, Arkansas and a newcomers guide.

LR Homes
Realtor specializing in real estate listings, home buying, selling, homes for sale and relocation information in Little Rock and North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Woodland's Edge
They call this "nature's neighborhood." You can find luxury homes within a natural setting.

McKay & Company
A leading REALTOR in Arkansas, they also have a home show on television Sundays. You can search listing and set up viewings on their website.

Roddy McCaskill Realty
McCaskill lets you view home listings based on your specifications. The website lets you look at homes based on price range, number of rooms or both.

Smart Structures Ecoblock
Smart Structures is an Arkansas based company specializing in residential and commercial ICF's (Insulated Concrete Forms) also known as ecoblock. Smart Structures provides ecologically friendly construction for commercial and residential properties.

The Janet Jones Company
View information about the agency, complete home listings or search the company listing by community. You can also request relocation packets.

Truman Ball and Associates
The site lets you view the top listings and learn more about the company.

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