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Chenal Pet Palace - A Dog's Home Away From Home


Chenal Pet Palace

Chenal Pet Palace

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What is it?:

Chenal Pet Palace is like a hotel for dogs. They have everything from a check-in desk to televisions in the rooms. Each room is custom designed and there are no cages. Some of the rooms have outdoor runs which are caged but all the dogs get a real bed, a real room and lots of attention. You can see photos of some of the rooms on their site.


My dog is very high maintenance. He is very shy and is generally very neurotic after coming back from any kennel. This is the only kennel he's every been to where he comes home normal. The caring staff plus the really neat rooms that are almost like home have to be the reason why.

Where Are They?:

They are located at 14309 Kanis Road in Little Rock, very close to the Chenal Wal-mart. You can call 501-223-2688 for more information and directions. They will be happy to arrange to give you a tour of their facilities.

What Is the Cost?:

The prices on the website are a few dollars off but you can expect to pay from $20-40 dollars a night, depending on the room size. More than one dog can be boarded in one room for a small fee.


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