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Top 10 Gifts for Nature Lovers


Arkansans have the unique ability to see nature almost everywhere. Arkansas is one of the few states that still has many areas left in their natural splendor. These items will make great gifts for anyone who longs to be close to nature, no matter what state they reside in.

1. "Arkansas Spring : Dogwoods, Waterfalls & Wildflowers"

This a beautiful photo book of Arkansas. Tim Ernst captures flowers and landscapes at their most beautiful. This book would make a perfect gift for anyone who loves the outdoors (and might inspire you to visit some Arkansas parks).
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2. "Ansel Adams at 100"

This is a book of beautiful black and white photography. Adams is famous for his detailed landscapes. The book features two dozen exquisite images of mountains, trees and details of nature. Adams is one of my favorite photographers. You really can't go wrong with anything featuring his works.
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3. Duncraft Triple Tube Bird Feeder

Any nature lover would love to attract nature to their backyard. This triple tube feeder offers three 15" tubes, has six feeding stations and holds up to 4 lbs. of seed. You can fill each of the three tubes with a different seed to attract a variety of birds to this one feeder.
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4. "One Hundred Flowers"

This is another photography book (color). It has 143 pages of some of the most wonderfully photographed blossoms ever. Most shots are close-ups and every shot is gorgeous. The book also has a little information about each flower. Great for a flower lover on your list.
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5. "Natural Sounds of the WIlderness"

This CD set is very relaxing. The series includes birds, marine mammals and thunderstorms. Any great, soft sounding nature CD would make a good gift. I prefer the ones of the actual outdoors to the ones that are synthesized to sound like nature.
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6. Birdbaths

There are a variety of cute little birdbaths to give as gifts. These would go great with a feeder to make someone's backyard bird heaven.
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7. Hummingbird Feeders

Who wouldn't want a yard filled with hummingbirds? I like the copper and glass feeders. They have better construction and look nicer than the plastic ones. However, a gift of a bunch of plastic feeders would also be a great way to spruce up that hummingbird-lovers yard. The more the merrier!

8. "John Shaw's Closeups in Nature"

This book is a little out of date but I still think it's great for the aspiring nature photographer. John Shaw is a well known nature photographer and famous for his macro shots. This book displays many images and the technical details about them (shutter speed, camera setup, etc). The images alone are worth the price.
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9. "Arkansas Mammals : Their Natural History Classification, and Distribution"

The information in this book might be a little boring to some but the photographs are excellent. I think we should all be a little more aware of the animals we share our state with. Great gift for a wanna-be Biologist or animal lover.
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10. Indoor Fountains

Fountains are a great way to bring the sounds of nature inside. Just listening to a running fountain can be very relaxing. Fountains are also supposed to bring luck to a household!
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