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The Weekend Theater in Little Rock



The Weekend Theater is a small, volunteer theater in downtown Little Rock that shows off-Broadway plays and musicals throughout the year.


The venue is very small ("intimate"), seating about 100 and consists of flat back chairs. Comfort is not key. Well worth it, however, as you can tell that the hardworking volunteers who put on the show really love the theater. They work the small stage as best they can. The major complaint I have is that sound does not carry well in the small theater, but they do a great job of trying to make it carry. For this reason, seats in the middle are better than seats on the sides. General admission.

Schedule / Ticket Prices:

Schedule Tickets are $14 ($10 for students and seniors over 65) for dramas and $18 ($14 for students and seniors over 65) for musicals.

Contact / Location:

Located at 7th and Chester in downtown Little Rock. Call 501-374-3761 for tickets or visit their website.

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