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Arkansas School for the Deaf Historical Museum



The Arkansas School for the Deaf museum chronicles the history of the Arkansas School for the Deaf. It also chronicles the history and laws affecting deaf and hearing impaired people, and technological advances in the area. It is a small museum, but if you are hearing impaired or interested in the history of the hearing impaired, it's worth checking out. The school and museum are located on a beautiful 40-acre campus and in a beautiful, historical building.

About the School:

The Arkansas School for the Deaf is a publicly funded state agency that helps teach deaf and hearing impaired children (up to age 21) life skills and academics. All meals, transportation, speech, language, and audiology services, tutoring, physical and occupational therapy, and on-campus health services are provided at no cost.

The School for the Deaf started in 1850 with a class in Clarksville. It was the first program for deaf or hard of hearing children west of the Mississippi River. In 1860, a second school was started in Fort Smith. In 1867, the school was moved to Little Rock and was named "The Arkansas Deaf-Mute Institute." In 1899, this school was completely destroyed by fire. The current building was first constructed in 1901, and the name was changed to the Arkansas School for the Deaf in 1917.

Today, the school helps deaf and hearing impaired children of all ages. They offer outreach, athletics, live in facilities and more. They have an elementary school, a middle school and a high school.


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The school is located on Markham street in Little Rock and the museum is located inside the school.

2400 West Markham Street
Little Rock, AR 72202
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Arkansas School for the Deaf's Historical Museum is open from 9:00 - 2:00 Monday through Thursday, and other days by appointment. It is closed during school holidays. School holidays are listed on the school's website.

Silent Sunday:

Silent Sunday is a Arkansas School for the Deaf event. It's normally held in the fall at the State House Convention Center. It's one of the big events in Little Rock. All proceeds go to the technology program at Arkansas School for the Deaf. Restaurants around Little Rock offer their signature dishes for a extravagant tasting buffet. They also have a silent auction and performers. Tickets are usually around $30.

Because of Silent Sunday, the Arkansas School for the Deaf presents excellent technological opportunities for students. There is currently a state-of-the-art computer lab in each school building, as well as classroom computers throughout campus and in the dorms.

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