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Finding Romance in Little Rock - Places to Bring a Date

Romantic Locations in Little Rock


I think dates should be fun, adventurous and allow you plenty of time to get to know the person. I've gathered some fun places to bring that special someone. Some of them are perfect for first dates, some for special events like an anniversary and some are great for either. I've tried to supply a variety of different types of locations for different types of couples. It doesn't matter if you want to scale mountains with your significant other or just go to a movie, we've got you covered.

1. Romantic Restaurants

The perfect date restaurant depends on your date. Luxury restaurants like Brave New Restaurant, Ashley's at the Capitol, Ferneau and 1620 are great for special occasions and special dates (more special occasion restaurants). However, casual restaurants that are a little fun, like Juanita's, West End, Vino's or Damgoode Pies, may be more appropriate for a first date (more first date restaurants). Playing a game of pool or darts is a pretty good way to break the ice.

2. Movie Theaters

Dinner and a movie makes a classic date. Here's a list of theaters in the area. You can purchase tickets for most local theaters online (list of theaters.)

3. Museums or Art Galleries

Museums and art galleries can be a fun way to get to know each other. Your art preferences say a lot about you. Combined with dinner or drinks, a date at an art gallery like The Arkansas Arts Center could show your date that you think outside the box(more museums and art galleries).

4. The Arkansas Skatium or Millennium Bowl

Active dates are popular because it gives you something to do rather than just sit at stare at a movie, or your food. Arkansas Skatium (1311 South Bowman Road, 501-227-4333) has ice skating and roller skating. Millennium Bowl (7200 Counts Massie Road in Maumelle, 501-791-9150) is a great bowling alley in the area. Both facilities have snack bars and equipment rentals.

5. Little Rock Climbing Center

Another place for a fun active date is the Little Rock Climbing Center. The Climbing Center has massive climbing walls you and your partner can scale together. They also offer lessons. Fridays are the "date night special" at the Climbing Center. Couples get 2 day passes, gear rentals, & belay lessons for $30 from 7-10 p.m. This would be fun for established couples to shake up the dinner and movie routine or even an adventurous first date. They are located on 12120 Colonel Glenn Road #7000, 501-227-9500.

6. The Old Mill - T.R Pugh Memorial Park in North Little Rock

The Old Mill makes a romantic picnic spot, especially in the spring when the surrounding park is in bloom and a couple could take a casual stroll through the landscape. The park is available for wedding portraiture and outdoor weddings if you really hit it off. The Old Mill is in the Lakewood area on Lakeshore drive. Take McCain Boulevard East and you'll see Lakeshore which has signs pointing you to the Mill. Admission to the Mill is free, but it's only open from dawn to dusk.

7. Pinnacle Mountain State Park

Pinnacle Mountain is just outside of Little Rock and is a pleasant hike for the active couple. It's one of the easier state park hikes because most of the trail is a clear, level path. You don't have to hike up the mountain to enjoy the picnic tables and outdoor atmosphere.

8. Arkansas Travelers Baseball

If baseball is in season, a visit to Dickey-Stephens Park can be a fun date. The ball field offers a relaxing setting, a fun game with some audience participation and even a restaurant if you want to eat in a formal setting. I suggest buying some dogs, a beer and enjoying your dinner in the stands.

9. Botanical Gardens

Visiting a botanical garden can be a fun date. Many of the local botanical gardens have special events throughout the year that would make a fun evening out. Just strolling through the flowers, especially during spring, is enough to make someone feel romantic (list of Arkansas Botanical Gardens).

10. Romantic Hotels in Little Rock

For a really special evening, you can visit a local hotel or bed and breakfast. Little Rock has many luxury hotels that offer spa treatments and other pampering. Just getting away from it all can be a special treat for couples. If you want to get out of the Little Rock area, Eureka Springs and Hot Springs offer quick, romantic getaways for couples (list of romantic getaways).
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