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Local Bands & Nightlife

If you're all about staying up all night, dancing, listening to great music and having fun, these local spots are for you!

Bars and Pubs
These are the places the locals go to relax, unwind and have a good time.

Top Places to Play Pool / Billiards
A great way to spend an evening is to get together with your friends and play some pool. Little Rock has a few fun places where you can play pool and relax a bit.

Where To Hear Live Music
Little Rock has a great music scene with both local bands and national tours coming through on all scales. From the little guys playing at Vino's (some not so little too), to the big bands at Alltel, Little Rock has music to please all levels of audiophiles.

Little Rock For Beer Lovers
Arkansas may not have a lot of beer culture, but what it has is pretty good. If you're looking for a good IPA, Ale or whatever else your taste buds desire, one of these local hangouts is bound to fit the bill.

ArkanSuck Bands
This is an enourmous list of over 240 Arkansas bands with links to many of the bands.

Local Band Club, Yahoo
Do you want the real info on Arkansas bands? Find out who's hot and who's not, who's playing where and what they are plaing by joining. Get the latest news on the local hot bands.

Little Rock Scene
Local music schedules, forums and reviews. Find out which Little Rock bands are can't miss or when your favorite is playing.

Arkansas Bands On MySpace
Everyone knows that MySpace is the voice of the people and a great place for bands to communicate with their fans and for fans to "trade" favorites. This MySpace is a great resource for local music.

Little Rock Hardcore MySpace
This page was made to promote HARDCORE shows around the Central Arkansas area, mostly just Little Rock.

Best Late Night Attractions
Nominate your favorite late night attraction for an About.com Readers' Choice Awards.

The Best Little Rock Sports Bars
Visit these local sports bars to root for the Razorbacks or view the playoffs or the super bowl.

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