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Little Rock Neighborhoods


Rather you're new to Little Rock, been here forever, looking to move or just visiting, knowing a little bit about our neighborhoods will help you out.
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Downtown & The River Market

Little Rock River Market District

Most people visit the downtown area for the restaurants, the Clinton Library, nightlife, shops and luxury hotels. However, there is some housing available in the downtown area and it's where most cities offices are located. If you're looking for a posh loft apartment, a good bar, some fine dining or a fun day of touring the city, the downtown area is your perfect destination.

Pulaski Heights

The Heights Theater

Cantrell plays hosts to a variety of upscale restaurants and neighborhoods. This part of Little Rock is amongst the oldest parts of the city. "The Pulaski Heights" development that includes Hillcrest and the Heights was incorporated in 1903 and annexed to Little Rock in 1916. Some of the most affluent people in Little Rock call this area their home and so do our best upscale restaurants and most interesting shops.

West Little Rock

Chenal Place

As Little Rock has grown, it's moved west. In West Little Rock you can find newer homes and younger urbanites than in some of the other upper class neighborhoods in Little Rock. Consequently, this area is very commercial. You can find most of the upper class shopping chains. There are some good restaurants in the area, but they are mostly chain restaurants. Although you'll find great shopping here, it does lack the charm of some of the older neighborhoods.


University is where the University of Arkansas at Little Rock is located. Near the university, you'll find two traditional malls and the Midtowne Little Rock shopping center.


Riverdale is adjacent to Pulaski Heights and is known for dining and warehouse and office buildings. The headquarters to Dillard's and Alltel can be found here. You can also find Rebsamen Golf Course, the city's largest public golf course, and Murray Park in this neighborhood. Brave New Restaurant and Cajun's Wharf offer dining on the river.

North Little Rock

North Little Rock is just across the bridge and a great place to go for entertainment, shopping and even to buy a house. North Little Rock has the Alltel Arena, Dickey Stephans Park, McCain Mall and a few nice neighborhoods.

Online Communities & Blogs

You don't even have to move to experience Little Rock's neighborhoods with these great online communities and blogs.

General Relocation Information and Statistics

If you are thinking about making the move to Little Rock, this info should help you make an informed choice.

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