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Winter Weather

Snow and Ice in Arkansas


Snowed Highway
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Updated December 26, 2012
Road Conditions

With winter Storms, the most important thing to remember in the ice is to stay home or at least drive carefully if you do decide to go out. A good place to start your trip is the Arkansas Highway Department. Their site contains details about which roads are safe to travel and which roads are the worst. The Highway Department also has a phone number so you can access road information without a computer (if you don't have power for example). You can call 501-569-2374 to get a recorded message containing the same information found on the web.


The best source for updated weather information is the Weather Channel. Many local stations link to Weather Channel forecasts for their forecast pages. The Weather Channel has extended forecasts, current weather conditions and more.


If you experience a power outage, the first thing that you should do is call your local power company. Don't assume that someone else has already called! In Little Rock you should call 1-800-9OUTAGE to report an outage to Entergy. Check your energy bill if you live in another city. The information should be on the bill.

Entergy has a neat map of outages all over the state and tips for generator safety.

If your power goes out often, buying a power generator might be a smart thing to do. They run on gas and can power your appliances when the power goes out. Check your local hardware store for advice on which one your house needs.

Activities & School Closings

All of the local news stations have closings listed on their sites. Check KARK, KTHV and KATV for all the latest closings.

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