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Top 5 Public Deer Hunts


The winter months mean hunting season in Arkansas. Hunting in Arkansas isn't just about making a kill. It's about experiencing the beauty and serenity of the natural state in the great outdoors. Even though deer kills were down last year, AGFC has high hopes that this year will be an upswing. These are five of the AGFC's best places to hunt for white-tail deer in Arkansas. Happy hunting!

1. White River

Desha County - The White River Refuge is touted as one of the best places to find trophy bucks in the state. However, to hunt in this area you must have a permit and those are limited for gun season. Permits are given out randomly during the summer months. Bow-hunting permits are unlimited during bow season. 1-870-946-1468.

2. Felsenthal

Ashley County - Felsenthal Wildlife Refuge is another great place to find trophy bucks and 778 deer were killed here last year. The reserve allows hunting on a quota permit system so hunter numbers are limited. 1-870-364-3167.

3. White Rock

The area is situated in the heart of the rugged Boston Mountains in Northwest Arkansas. The area is extensively forested with upland hardwoods occurring primarily on northern and eastern aspects and shortleaf pine and pine/hardwood mixtures on the southern and western exposures. 1-877-734-4581.

4. Muddy Creek

Montgomery County - Muddy Creek consists of 150,000 acres of moderate to rugged mountain terrain and narrow valleys. The predominate timber types are upland hardwoods, shortleaf pine and mixed pine-hardwood. 1-877-967-7577.

5. Buffalo National River

Pruitt - This is a National Wildlife Managment Area and hunting is allowed with permits. It secluded and rugged areas are perfect for deer hunting. 1-877-741-5443.

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