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Hotels and Lodgings

Find these lists of local hotels to find out where to stay when you're visiting Little Rock.

Best Downtown Hotels
Are you planning a trip to downtown Little Rock? These are the best hotels in the downtown area! You can be pampered, be in the middle of the booming downtown area and/or be close to any convention or event you're planning to attend!

Budget Friendly (under $100/night) Downtown Hotels
It is possible to find a hotel downtown that won't break the bank. It won't have the ducks, the fancy restaurants or the luxurious suites, but, if you're like me, you won't be staying in the room much anyway! Little Rock has plenty of great restaurants downtown and you can visit the ducks almost anytime you want. Please note that the rates...

Historic Little Rock Hotels
Arkansas hotels with a little history behind them. Stay in famous haunted mansions, Victorian homes and turn of the century inns the next time you're in Arkanass.

Romantic Little Rock Hotels
These romantic hotels will help you celebrate a special occasion or just get away for the weekend.

Hotels Outside of Downtown Little Rock
If you're visiting Little Rock, staying outside the downtown area can save you some money. You can find some great hotels outside of downtown Little Rock

Unique and Unusual Hotels in Arkansas
Here's your chance to stay at some of the most unusual and unique hotels in Arkansas.

Downtown Marriott in Little Rock, Arkansas

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