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The Arkansas Lottery


Buy a Ticket:

The lottery commission has a page where you can look up retailer by zip code. Most gas stations around the state, according those at major retailers like Kroger, have lottery tickets available.

What do I do with my used ticket?:

In order to discourage littering, the lottery commission has established a "Play it Again" program. Register at their site to submit any non-winning instant ticket for another chance to win "up to the top prize." You can also use your tickets to earn gifts like mugs from "The Club." Arkansas is the first lottery to use these special programs.

Claiming Your Prize:

For prizes less than $500, you can get the prize from any lottery retailer or at a Lottery Claim Center (located on Union Plaza Building 124 West Capitol Ave). For prizes over that amount, you have to go to the Lottery Claim Center or mail your ticket too: Lottery Claim Center
PO BOX 3838
Little Rock, AR 72204

Current Games:

Currently, instant scratch off tickets are available. Tickets range from $1-5 and prizes range from $1-100,000.

Future Lottery Plans:

Powerball tickets go on sale Oct. 31. On Dec. 14, the Cash 3 drawings in Arkansas will begin.

The Lottery Commission:

The Lottery Commission also has a website for retailers, vendors and business and to keep you up to date on Lottery Commission meetings. It's located at http://lotterycommission.arkansas.gov/

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