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Helpful Services, Government and Otherwise

You can order birth & death certificates, pay traffic tickets, renew your car tags, access and more online. Find out how to save yourself time and a trip downtown!

Where to Get Help
Locations and information about local food banks and food pantries in Little Rock, including how to get help if you need it.

Arkansas Alcohol Laws
Find out more about the alcohol laws in Arkansas. Did you know we are one of the 12 states that doesn't allow Sunday liquor sales.

Arkansas Code of Ordinance (Laws)
Read through the laws of the state. You can search to find the specific law you have a question about.

Arkansas Crime Information Center
ACIC has links to statistical data about crime rates in your area and tips on crime prevention.

Arkansas Tax Holiday 2012
What you need to know about Arkansas's first tax holiday.

Arkansas Employment Security Division
Information on unemplyment and employee services.

Clothing Drop-Off Locations for Donations and Thrift Stores
These places are the best spots to drop off clothing donations in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Assess Online
If you live in Pulaski County, you can assess most of your personal property online. Save yourself the trip to the offices!

Go Green In Little Rock
Going green means taking the environment into account whenever you do anything. There are a few easy ways to go green and Little Rock tries to make it easy.

Helpful Arkansas Tax Time Sites
If you're looking to assess your property, pay your taxes or renew your car tags, this guide will direct you to the right places.

Holiday Volunteer Oppurtunities
Want to help someone in need this Holiday season? These organizations could always use a little help via donations of money, time or talent.

How to File for Unemployment
A guide on how to determine if you qualify for benefits and how to file if you do.

Department of Finance Administration
Here you can download Arkansas State tax forms and read up on all of those nifty tax laws.

Hunting and Fishing License
You can get your hunting and fishing permits online. Visit the Arkansas Game and Fish website to find out how.

Little Rock Animal Shelters and Adoption Resources
If your family is looking for a pet, consider adopting a pet from a local shelter. They have lots of great animals looking for a home. You can even get a dog or cat that is old enough to be fully housebroken! What can be better? They have younger animals too.

Every day in Arkansas over 2,000 homeless pets are killed. Shelters estimate that over 25% of the animals in shelters are purebred.

Little Rock National Airport
Little Rock National Airport is a small airport so it's fairly easy to navigate if you are prepared with information about parking, restaurants, ATMs and flights.

Little Rock Shelters and Soup Kitchens
Locations of local homeless shelters and soup kitchens in central Arkansas.

Little Rock Code of Ordinance (Laws)
You can use this site to read through the entire Little Rock Code of Ordinance. Find out all the laws you should be obeying!

Local Food Banks and Food Pantries
Locations and information about local food banks and food pantries in Little Rock, including how to get help if you need it.

Natural Disaster Help In Arkansas
How to find and offer help after a natural disaster in Arkansas. Phone numbers and information for those seeking to donate to disaster relief.

Pavilion Rentals in Little Rock Arkansas
Looking for a place to host an outdoor group event? It's always a hassle trying to find that perfect place. Here are some of my favorite places that I've either hosted an event or been to an event.

Little Rock Traffic Court
If you ever get a traffic ticket, this site is for you. You can even pay your fine online.

Severe Weather in Arkansas
When there is severe weather, minutes count. Find out how to get information quickly using online resources and your smartphone.

Toys and Clothes for the Less Fortunate
Want to give someone less fortunate a happy holiday? Here are a few organizations that can help you help others.

Unclaimed Property in Arkansas
Did you know that the government owes one in every four people money? Find out if Arkansas owes you some cash!

Personal Property Tax & Real Estate Tax ePayment
You can pay your personal property taxes online. They even have a taypayer ID lookup, just in case you lost your original bill. All you need is your last name!

Vehicle Registration
You can renew your vehicle tags online and spare yourself the trip to the department of motor vehicles (and the long wait in line).

Where to get food, toys or clothing for the less fortunate
Where to get help for the holidays.

Get Fit in Little Rock
Check out these Little Rock gyms and fitness centers if you want to get fit.

Vital Records
Information on how to obtain death and birth certificates in Little Rock.

DUI/DWI Laws in Arkansas
The DUI/DWI laws changed a little in the 2013 legislative session. Here is the current information for DUI in Arkansas.

Arkansas Sex Offender Database
Could a sex offender or convicted child molester be living in your neighborhood? Find out about the Arkansas Sex Offender Registry Program.

How to Obtain a Concealed Carry Permit in Arkansas
Find out how to obtain a concealed carry permit in Arkansas, including requirements and what the permit means.

Arkansas Energy Assistance
Is your Arkansas energy bill too expensive? Find out how to file for energy assistance in Arkansas and Little Rock.

Setting up Utilities in Pulaski County
Moving or just moved to central Arkansas? Here is what you need to know to setup utilities including water, gas, electricity and television.

Getting a Library Card in Little Rock
Find out how to get a central Arkansas library card and why you need one. The library offers all kinds of free resources, including free movies, activities and more.

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