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Thanksgiving Prepared Meals (2013)

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11. The Cross-Eyed Pig and Sim's

Both of these local BBQ joints normally offer a smoked turkey on Thanksgiving. Sim's requests you supply the bird (they just cook it for you). The Cross-Eyed Pig is at 1701 Rebsamen Park Road, 501-265-0000. More info. Sim's is at 2415 Broadway Street, 501-690-6370. More Sim's locations

12. Popeyes Deep-fried Cajun Turkey

I should be ashamed of listing this here, but last year a friend of mine made me try Popeyes Cajun fried turkey (they only have them around the holidays). It was delicious, and it was only $35. Popeyes starts taking orders for these around November 1. They'll have a store locator on their website to help you find out which locations have the turkeys. The turkey's come fried and frozen, and have to be cooked for a few hours.

13. The Cracker Barrel

The Cracker Barrel always serves food in their restaurants on Thanksgiving, but if you order ahead you can get a complete Cracker Barrel meal to serve in your own home. Last year, Cracker Barrel meals were $54.99 for six. We've got a few locations around Central Arkansas. My favorite is the one in Shackleford Crossings, 501-225-7100.

14. Floyd's - Bonus, Cook Your Own

Ever heard of a turducken? The only one I've ever seen in real life came from Floyd's. It's a deboned turkey, stuffed with a deboned duck that is stuffed with a deboned chicken. The chicken is stuffed with stuffing. Floyd's doesn't just have frankenturkeys. They also have boneless stuffed turkeys and some other interesting Cajun food. These have to be cooked, but it might be worth it for a turkducken. Floyds is in Sherwood, at 4067 East Kiehl Avenue, 501-833-3308.

15. Where to Buy Your Pie - Bonus 2

Last year I sampled some local pies in preparation of ordering my holiday pie. Here's that article. There's a lot of good pie in Little Rock. Where to find the best holiday pies, or you can just look at the pie gallery and drool.

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