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Little Rock Event Calendar - January, 2013

January Festivals & Events in Little Rock and Arkansas


Updated January 23, 2013
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January is a great time for wildlife, it's eagle awareness month in the state of Arkansas and the the trumpeter swans are back.

New Year's Events/ New Year's Superstitions

January 11 -

  • Birds of Prey at Pinnacle Mountain State Park
    From 1-2:30 on Saturday, Meet and learn about some live birds of prey.
  • Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Bridal Show
    At the Statehouse Convention Center 12:30-5 p.m on Saturday. This is a large Bridal show.
  • Tokens of Friendship: Foreign Heads of State Gifts at Clinton Presidential Center
    This exhibit at the Clinton Presidential Center opened this month. If you haven't gone to see it, it is a display of gifts given to Clinton from foreign heads of state.
  • Delta Exhibition at Arkansas Arts Center
    The Delta Exhibition is one of my favorite Arkansas Arts Center exhibits. It displays artists from the delta and opens this weekend.
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