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Birthday Party Planning Guide

How to Plan Your Child's Birthday in Little Rock


Most of today's parents want someone to take care of all the party details for them. This helpful guide will help you find someone to take care of everything, from the cake to the cleanup (if you want) and ensure your child has a memorable birthday experience. I've also listed some supply sources for those of you who would rather plan your own parties.

1. Birthday and Specialty Cake Sources

To me, the cake is most important part of a birthday party. Many places that will plan a party for you do not provide the cake because most parents prefer to personalize them. These specialty cake makers will make you anything from an elaborate sculpted cake from Blue Cake Company to a simple sheet cake from Sams.

2. Creative Parties

These locations will help your child explore their creativity by engaging them in crafts, painting, imaginative play and even making a new friend.

3. Nature and Science Parties

These are parties for kids who love animals and science. The zoo, several riding stables, Museum of Discovery and even a dive shop will give your kids memories that will last a lifetime.

4. Sports and Military Parties

Your child can incorporate the Travelers, the Razorbacks and even paintball into their birthday party.

5. Active Birthday Parties

These parties are based around climbing, jumping, swimming and playing. These are great for active kids with active friends.

6. Teen Birthday Parties

Teens can be hard to please, but here are a few ideas. Most of the suggestions allow plenty of unstructured time for talking and socializing.

7. Party Supplies

If you just want to plan an awesome party and not leave your house, these supply stores and event rental companies can make it happen. I've linked everything from extravagant party planners to an online wholesale supplier. Even if you do book a party at a local venue, some place require you bring supplies.

8. Review Parties

Did your child have the best birthday party ever? Maybe the party you had wasn't worth the cost. Maybe your child had the worst birthday party ever. Share your experiences with us to give props to those who deserve it and jeers at those who don't make the cut.
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