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The Little Rock Zoo


Black Vulture

Latte, a Black Vulture, is one of many birds of prey that do educational programs. More photos.

Amanda Galiano


The Little Rock Zoo is accredited by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association, it's fun and it's getting better everyday. It's a great place to spend the day outside communing with nature and visiting the animals. Kids love it (adults do too) and every time you visit you're helping them build a bigger and better zoo. With fun events and new exhibits, including penguins, in the works you can't go wrong at the Little Rock Zoo.

New Exhibits:

If you haven't been to the Little Rock Zoo in a few years, you'll see a lot of changes. Many of the exhibits have been opened up to give the animals more room, and some exhibits like the bears and lions, have been given exhibits that allow people up close and personal views.

You'll also find visitor amenities like the cafe and gift shop have become bigger and better.

Latest exhibits include the African Veldt with kudu and crowned cranes, the dik dik yard, the red river hogs and there's a fun new bird show every weekend in the summer.  There is an African penguin exhibit. It's a very elaborate exhibit and one of the better penguin exhibits I've seen.  The newest exhibit is the cheetah exhibit that opened in 2012.


Chances are, if you visit on a weekend, you'll get an up close and personal encounter with at least one animal. During the weekends, Zoo Docents (volunteers) are normally on hand to introduce you to some of their animal friends. You might even see zoo animals in other places around the city. The Little Rock Zoo education animals do parties, educational programs for youth groups and clubs and more. You can also schedule programs at the amphitheater and children's birthday parties. Contact the education department at 501-666-2406 ext. 124 for more information on pricing and how to get the Little Rock Zoo to your organization.

Admission, Parking, Hours:

Admission is $12.00 for adults, and $9 for children under 12 or adults over 60. There is a $2 parking fee per car. Little Rock Zoo memberships are available. You may park on the lot across from the main entrance.

The Little Rock Zoo is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 7 days a week, except for Christmas, New Year’s Day, and Thanksgiving.



In the spring, the zoo gets very crowded so to avoid the rush come early or late. In the summer, head to big cats first and go early to see more animals (animals have indoor access so they will go where it's cool). The animals are most active in early winter when it's cool but not too cold.

The Little Rock Zoo has two sections towards the back of the zoo that are easy to miss and complicated to get to. Bears is on the right, don't miss that section! The grizzly bear exhibit is great. Small carnivores is on the right, and features some neat species. You have to double back to see both.

Petting Zoo:

I often get inquires about the petting zoo. The Little Rock Zoo once had a petting zoo/Children's Farm with small goats, but the farm is no longer open. The zoo does not have plans at this time reopen the farm. They have some pretty neat chickens and farm animals in the area though.

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