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Top 7 Italian Restaurants


I love Italian food. These are the non-chain restaurants in Little Rock that can help anyone love Italian food. There are some great chains in Little Rock, but nothing is better than homemade Italian food!

1. Bruno's

Bruno's has a casual atmosphere that is perfect for family dinners or business gatherings. Their food is outstanding and the service is great. Prices are mid-range ($12-20). Located on 315 N. Bowman Road, 501-224-4700.

2. D' Carlo Pizzeria Ristorante

D'Carlo has some of the best Italian food in the city but it is a little out of the way. Prices are pretty cheap ($8-10). The atmosphere is wonderful and the staff act as if you're one of the family. The only downside is that it is not in a populated area. Located at 12325 Stagecoach Rd, 501-407-0400.

3. Cafe Prego

Cafe Prego has a great staff, a casual atmosphere that will work for business lunches or romantic nights out and a simple menu. It's a great place for a quick Italian lunch in the Heights. Prices range from $9-15. Located at 5510 Kavanaugh Blvd, 501-663-5355.

4. Graffiti's

Graffiti's is an Italian restaurant with a fun atmosphere and great food. The menu is always changing with daily specials and has been called "trendy" because it always has something new and unique. Prices are mid-range ($10-15) and dress is casual/business casual. Located at 7811 Cantrell Rd, 501-224-9079.

5. Bene Vita

Bene Vita serves Northern Italian cuisine and it's more light than the other places mentioned. Expect to find lots of fish and fresh seafood. Prices range from $10-20. Upscale atmosphere but you do see people in jeans enjoying their meal. Bene Vita is at Cantrell and Old Cantrell roads, 501-666-8482.

6. Villa Italian Restaurant

The Villa has great food but the service has been hit or miss on my last few visits. The prices are reasonable. Located at 12111 West Markham, 1-501-219-2244.

7. Don Vicci's Italian Ristorante

Don Vicci's is the perfect place to go for lunch downtown. Their Italian is cheese laden and saucy, not light by far. However, it is pretty predictable and always decent. The place is pretty casual for those quick on the go lunches. Located at 211 West Capitol Avenue, 501-372-3700.

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