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Little Rock Shops for Baking and Decorating


If you love to bake and decorate, you'll want to visit these shops for supplies. These shops are perfect for special occasion baking, like the holidays or to make a special birthday cake for your child.

1. Vanness

Sugar Cookies
Amanda Galiano
Located on 11610 Pleasant Ridge Road (1-501-353-2362). Vanness is an odd and lovely little store, but it's a baker's paradise. They have a wider selection of icings, fondants, decorations, molds, pans and candies than any area store I've visited. You'll find multiple colors of icing, powdered food coloring, dragees and edible glitters. They have some high quality fondants too. Your iced sugar cookies and cakes will look like a million bucks after a trip to Vanness. Vanness has cake pans, cookie cutters and molds in a variety of shapes and sizes too, including Razorback Hogs.

2. Michael's

Michael's (11400 West Markham Street, 501-312-1482) is another place where you can find some fun stuff to decorate your cakes and cookies. They have a lot of Wilton products. The selection is not as varied as Vanness, but it's good enough in most cases. They don't normally have powdered food coloring, but they do have a variety of gel colors and some fondant (in my opinion, the stuff they have tastes bad, but it works). They have a few cake pans and candy molds, sanding sugar and sugared holiday decorations. They also have home decor, so it's one stop shopping.

3. Kitchen Co

Kitchen Co (11525 Cantrell Rd. Ste 910, 501-663-3338 ) doesn't have a lot of baking stuff or cake decorating stuff, but they do have some unique sauces and spices for your more savory meals. They have some jams, jellies and curds too. You can find some fun kitchen appliances for the cook on your Christmas list. They even offer cooking classes. I've never taken one, but a friend who has said she had a wonderful time. It's a fun shop to get you in the holiday cooking mood.

4. Kreb's Brothers Restaurant Supply

Kreb's Brothers (4310 Landers Road in North Little Rock, 501-687-1331) is open to the public. They don't have decorative items, but do have a large variety of pans, serving containers, glassware and display trays.

5. Eggshells Kitchen Co.

Eggshells (5501 Kavanaugh Blvd., Ste. K, 501-664-6900) is a kitchen store with some gourmet food items. Eggshells tries to stock local gourmet items. They have lots of fun appliances, cookie cutters and pans. They have seasonal decor and plates to make your baking look as special as it tastes. They also have cooking classes.

6. Williams-Sonma

Williams-Sonma (201 N University Ave, 501-663-3019) is like most Williams-Sonmas. They have some mixes and food colorings and a few decorative items. What they have the most of is appliances and fun seasonal pans and shapes.
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