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Kierre's Kountry Kitchen

The Best Pies in Arkansas


Kierre's Kountry Kitchen

Kierre's Kountry Kitchen

Amanda Galiano
Kierre's Kountry Kitchen is located in a warehouse off of Maumelle Boulevard (near Wal-mart). I went for the pie, but the service and food was also good. Their cream pie was better than the fried pie, but the meringue was a bit loose and the custard was a bit too firm for my tastes. The fried pie was deliciously gooey, but the dough wasn't the puffy pastry dough that I'm used to. A whole pie is $15, a slices are about $4, a fried pie is only about $2. Located at #6 Collins Industrial Place, North Little Rock, AR 72113, 501-758-0903.

Best Pies in Arkansas

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