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Your Mama's Good Food

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Fried Okra

Fried okra is one of the sides at Your Momma's Good Food

Amanda Galiano
Inexpensive, fast and good food. This cafeteria style restaurant with authentic home cooking is sure to hit the spot with any Southerner.

Guide Review

This restaurant is setup much like any other cafeteria. You pick out what you want and you pay based on what entrees you choose. The general price for a meal is a steal at around $7-10. The atmosphere is also what you'd expect from a cafeteria. It's not elegant or romantic. It's comfortable and cozy. There's one reason you go there, to have some good food.

The food is what draws people in. I always think of cafeteria food as being bland and boring but that's not what you'll find at Your Mama's Good Food. You'll find real Southern cooking for people with real appetites. You'll find delicious homemade rolls and pies and delicious Southern favorites like mashed potatoes and chicken. If you can't get full off of this food, you can't get full.

Your Mama's Good Food is located at 215 Center Street, in the Pyramid Building - 501-372-1811.

Interior view

Interior view

Amanda Galiano

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