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Ristorante Capeo - North Little Rock, Arkansas Italian Restaurant

Ristorante Capeo - Fine Italian

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Ristorante Capeo

Ristorante Capeo Caprese Salad

Amanda Galiano
Ristorante Capeo serves fine Italian food with fresh ingredients in a romantic and elegant atmosphere. The menu is a bit pricey, but comparable to some chain Italian restaurants in the area. The quality far exceeds the chains.

425 Main Street
North Little Rock, AR 72114

Guide Review - Excellent food, service and atmosphere

Ristorante Capeo is a great special treat restaurant. The food is superb, the atmosphere is romantic and the service is probably among the best you'll find in the area. The prices seem steep when you first glance at the menu, but they're actually comparable to most Italian chain restaurants. the freshness and quality of food is much better at Ristorante Capeo.

The atmosphere is romantic, but I must admit that dinner is a little dark for my tastes. I prefer more light to see what I'm eating. However, many seem to enjoy the candlelight. The place settings and decor are elegant, and will complement a romantic evening out.

On my visit I had a Caprese salad ($8.50). It was very good and tasted very fresh. Our table also had penne al Arrabiata ($8.00) and fettuccine Alfredo ($9.50). Both were excellent. Be sure to save room for dessert (~$6.00) because their desserts are delicious.

The menu has traditional pasta dishes like ordered above, but you can also get osso bucco Milanese ($42), chicken Picatta ($20), duck Valentine ($24) and many fish dishes made with fish that is flown in daily. The chef will even create a special menu just for you.

A good Italian place was much needed in the downtown area, and Ristorante Capeo fits the bill. I highly recommend it.

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