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La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant Review

Authentic Mexican Food

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Chicken Hacienda

La Hacienda

Amanda Galiano
At La Hacienda, you can get authentic Mexican food for decent prices. La Hacienda has excellent salsa and mole. The cons: service can be lacking at times and the atmosphere, especially at Cantrell location, is a bit lacking. All things considered, it makes a great place for lunch or a quick dinner.

Review - 02/08

La Hacienda is not Tex-mex. Authentic Mexican food is more bold than spicy. They have dishes like chile rellenos and Carnitas. La Hacienda does mix some more typical Americanized foods like enchiladas and burritos in with their more traditional offerings.

If you think authentic Mexican is bland, try their spicy green salsa. The rest of their food is great too and they have many spicy dishes. They even have a vegetarian menu for those who don't eat meat. Prices range from $7 for combo plates to $15 for meaty dishes.

The service leaves a little to be desired, especially at the Cantrell location. The wait staff is not rude but they are not overly attentive. Oftentimes, you find yourself waiting for a while before you get a drink refill or even see a waiter. I have even had a waiter argue with me about the way a dish was prepared, only to bring it out incorrectly. Service at the Chenal location is much better than service on Cantrell. At Chenal, I never have complaints.

With service like that, you wonder why I still like to eat there. The food is great. It's one of my old standby restaurant that I've visited hundreds of times. I can live with it's idiosyncrasies, although I find myself visiting the Cantrell location less and less. I much prefer the Bowman location these days.

The decor is very plain. It's all about the food here and that's obvious. It's not the place for a romantic evening out or a special business dinner. It is the place for great food and good prices.

La Hacienda is open 7 days a week. They also offer take-out.

User Review: Arky

La Hacienda

La Hacienda

Amanda Galiano
This is one great Mexican restaurant (on Cantrell). They have great food, lots of choices and good prices. Just watch out, that green stuff they give you is NOT guacamole! It's very, very spicy hot (but yummy, just don't down a chip covered in it).


3024 Cantrell Rd.

12315 Chenal Parkway #B

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