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El Porton Mexican Restaurant in Little Rock

Quick Review (Little Rock Location)

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El Porton Cheese Enchildas

El Porton Cheese Enchildas

Amanda Galiano
Authentic Mexican Food at reasonable prices. Is a fave among locals and was voted best Mexican Restaurant on this site.


Guide Review

Even though I'm in the minority, I'm going to admit that El Porton is probably one of my least favorite Mexican restaurants. I think the sauces are too runny, the service is just so-so and the atmosphere isn't anything to write home about. I know this is not the prevailing opinion, so I will focus on the good points and the reasons my friends tell me that they can't believe I don't love the place.

El Porton serves authentic Mexican cuisine, which is different from Tex-Mex. Most people would call Tex-Mex "hotter." It really depends on what region and what food, but let the foodies argue about that. At El Porton, you'll find enchiladas, fajitas and all your faves being prepared in a traditional fashion.

The salsa is hot, but not incredibly uncommon. It is, however, tasty. They have a large variety of menu items and very reasonable prices. Expect to pay from $8-12 for an entree. The location is great if you're hungry after a day of shopping.

Service is ok but not super. On a busy night, I always have to wait for the check or for drink refills. I will forgive them. When they are busy, they are really busy. It is not uncommon to see the restaurant and patio packed. It's a favorite of the locals.

Locals except me. El Porton is a good place for a quick lunch but not something I would want to do for dinner. I'll save my dinner for another one our great Mexican restaurants, but don't listen to me. My friends say I'm crazy, and so did my favorite Mexican restaurant poll, which El Porton won by a landslide. You should at least try it out!

Contact Info

El Porton Exterior

El Porton Exterior

Amanda Galiano
12111 W. Markham Street
11 am to 10 pm daily

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