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Damgoode Pies Review

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The Spicy Five

The Spicy Five

Amanda Galiano
If you're looking for unique pizza sauces, interesting pastas, a fun atmosphere and an inexpensive price, Damgoode Pies is the place for you. However, beware of the steep staircase for eating in and so-so service (expected at a pizza place). Overall, this is one of my favorite pizza places in Little Rock.

Guide Review (Kavanaugh Location) - 08/07

Damgoode offers unique toppings and sauces at reasonable prices (average price of a 10-inch is $10 and on Tuesdays if you buy a large, you get a large at half price). Check their menu for prices and selection.

You can have your pizza delivered or pick it up, but if you want to dine in, be prepared for a trip up the stairs. Don't wear heels. The staircase is pretty steep! Once you're up there, you'll see their funky color scheme and tables. The interior is small, so there aren't a whole lot of tables or booths. For take-out, be prepared to wait at least half an hour but it's worth the wait.

You can order almost any topping you can imagine and some you never would have. Request toppings like turkey, meatballs, shrimp, feta cheese, sundried tomatoes and artichokes. Design your own pizza with these toppings or try one of their dozen Signature Pizzas like the Artie (artichoke hearts, mushrooms and tomatoes) or the Shrimp Pesto (shrimp, sundried tomatoes, black olives and pesto).

The sauces are great too. I especially like the spicy white (ricotta, Parmesan, red peppers, garlic and olive oil). All of the sauces seem to have excess garlic so no romantic dates! The white sauce is a hit a well and can be put on any pizza or pasta. Damgoode Pies also has a nice selection of pasta, salads and sandwiches.

In my experience, the service is not bad but not great either. It's pretty much what you would expect from a pizza joint. Overall this is a great place to get pizza in Little Rock. It's probably my favorite place to get pizza, as a matter of fact.

Contact Information

Kavanaugh Interior

Kavanaugh Interior

Amanda Galiano
They have a Cantrell dine-in location that I haven't reviewed but it's supposedly larger than the Kavanaugh one (and without the stairs). You can get to all their restaurants, pick-up and delivery services by calling 501-664-2239.

2701 Kavanaugh Blvd or 6706 Cantrell Rd

10720 Rodney Parham

Visitor's Reviews

Ryan (5 stars) - 3/27/07

Everything is great! Great crust, great sauce, great toppings, great price! Pure quality all the way. By far the best pizza I've ever had. I don't live in Little Rock so I can't get it all the time. It was so good, I went there twice in a weekend while I was visiting Little Rock. Try it, you won't regret it. (edited to remove caps lock)

Abbey (5 stars) - 1/16/07

I moved away from Little Rock and was visiting for a few days. My friend took me to this place. I am thinking about moving back so I can eat here more often! Good food, fun and funky.

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 1 out of 5
Go somewhere else!, Member Monkamah

Don't waste your time or money. Last night I got the worst and skimpiest pizza I have had in my entire life. The manager, Mike, was rude & totally disinterested when I called to discuss it. "" Quality & customer service"" mean anything to you people? Geez.

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