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Cock of the Walk Review

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Downriver Chicken

Downriver Chicken at Cock of the Walk

Amanda Galiano Catfish - Cock of the Walk

Catfish Combo at Cock of the Walk

Amanda Galiano Family Style Sides at Cock of the Walk

Family Style Sides at Cock of the Walk

Amanda Galiano

Beautiful atmosphere, and good food if you like it deep-fat fried. It's the best chicken I've had in the metro area. Cock of the Walk is also pretty fun with tossed cornbread, family-style meal accompaniments and a fish pond in the back. A bit folksy, but great for families. Meals average $14 with generous proportions. I was a bit disappointed to find out they are a franchise, started in Natchez, but still a fun place.

Guide Review

I've lived here all of my life and heard of Cock of the Walk, but I made my first trip recently for a friend's birthday. I had my reservations. I heard they were deep fried with a limited menu, mistakenly thought they were just in a strip-mall on Maumelle Blvd and heard they were only for catfish lovers. I hate catfish.

The tale of the greasy, limited menu is true. If you're vegetarian or have other dietary requirements, this is not the place for you, though they do serve salads. Your choices are pretty much chicken, shrimp or catfish, deep fried in peanut oil or grilled.  Appetizers include fried pickles, coleslaw, onion rings, pickled onions and cornbread, served family style to share with your table.  The fried pickles are very good.  Meals come with hush puppies and are served on metal pie tins. Drinks come in mason jars. It's very folksy and fun.

There's a lot of drama at Cock of the Walk too. First, the atmosphere. When you drive off Maumelle Blvd, it's like you're entering another world filled with weeping willows, waterfalls and even, I'm told, peacocks (I didn't see any). Then, there's the staff. They flip your cornbread at your table, sing to you if it's birthday and are overall very pleasant.

I am told by catfish lovers that the catfish is some of the best in Arkansas. As I mentioned, don't like catfish. The Downriver Chicken as probably the best fried chicken I've had in Arkansas. The thick, spicy breading was divine. Meals average $14. The portions are generous.

After your meal, you can go feed the fish your leftover cornbread (fun for kids). I was a bit disappointed to find out they are a franchise, started in Natchez.

Contact Information / Hours

5-9 p.m. Monday through Thursday
5-10 p.m Friday and Saturday
11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m on Sundays

They have a menu online. Located at 7103 Cock of the Walk Ln North Little Rock, AR 72113 (Off Maumelle Blvd.)
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