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Bruno's Little Italy - Little Rock, AR

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The cannoli is made in house.

Amanda Galiano Marinara Pizza

A unique, low cheese pizza.

Amanda Galiano Linguini Pesto

The dish is garnished a bit different in the new location, but still delicious.

Amanda Galiano

Bruno's has been in central Arkansas since the 1940s.  Rex Nelson has a history of the family on his site.  The latest incarnation of the restaurant is being run by Gio and Vince Bruno, the original proprietor's son (and the original Bruno's grandson,Dominic Bruno).  

Bruno's is located on 310 Main Street, Suite 101 in downtown Little Rock.  Call 501-372-7866.

Full Review (new location)

Bruno’s is one of my old stand-by restaurants, for good reason. They have consistently good food that is miles above any of the chains. The atmosphere is nice for a romantic date, but I have to admit the low candlelight atmosphere isn’t what keeps me coming back. The waiters are friendly, but also that is not why I return. I return for the food.

The new location on Main street is pretty small, which leads to it being crowded on Saturday nights. However, they serve the excellent food we've come to expect from Bruno's.  Their manicotti is excellent.  Their lasagna is great.  My personal favorite is the linguine pesto.

Most of the pasta, sauces and desserts are made in-house.  It reminds me of home cooking, if your grandma was Italian-American.  The butter brushed they serve with your meal could be a meal in itself.

The new location has many of the old favorites.  The pizza, lasagna, manicotti and my favorite pesto sauce are all there.  However, they've thrown in some new, innovative specials.  I'm sure the menu will continue to evolve with the new "young blood" in the kitchen.  My standby dish has changed a little (not much), but that's expected.  It's still the best pesto sauce I've had.

It's great to have them back.  Don't be fooled by the "Bruno's" in the old location on Bowman.  The real thing has moved downtown.

Prices are reasonable. Expect a crowd on weekends.  Parking is tough at the new location, but you can park on the streets. On weekends and after 6 p.m., you don't have to feed the meters.

Contact Info

310 Main Street
Little Rock, AR 72201
Tuesday-Saturday 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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