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Top 10 Bill Clinton Books and Video


Everyone knows Arkansas because of Bill Clinton. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? He does have his upside and his scandals were among the best scandals America has ever seen! It's all a part of his history (even the dreaded Starr report). The first five deal with his career, the second five deal with the scandal (I'm sick of it too but some of the books are actually interesting).

1. "The Clinton Years : The Photographs of Robert McNeely"

McNeely was an official White House photographer during the years 1993-98. The photos of Bill Clinton contained in this book show a dignified, loving and caring individual. There are official shots of him at White House events and more relaxed shots of him lounging around. I'm sure if Clinton had his way, this is the way he would be remembered. All photos are in black and white.
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2. "Bill Clinton: Hope, Charisma, Controversy"

This is A&E's biography and it is actually very tasteful even though it goes into the scandals. See the defining moments of his career in news footage and rare home movies which show the future president in his younger days. It's one of my favorite pieces done on the 42nd President.
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3. "72 Hours to Victory - Behind the Scenes With Bill Clinton"

ABC's Ted Koppel hosts this look at Bill Clinton's 1992 election. There are mentions of infidelities, but really this video is more about how Clinton got his message out to the public and interacted with voters to win the election. It's a great piece.
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4. "First in His Class : The Biography of Bill Clinton"

Drawing on hundreds of documents, letters and interviews this book traces Bill Clinton's life from his days in Arkansas to the first days of his White House campaign. The main focus is how Bill Clinton's personality was shaped by the people around him. It's honest and fair. This is my favorite biographical book on Clinton.
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5. "The War Room"

This video is similar to "72 Hours of Victory" above. It's a behind the scenes look at Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign. It spans more than 3 days and focuses mainly on James Carville, a driving force in the 1992 election. It's an interesting piece on what it takes to win a campaign.
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6. "Monica's Story"

Now now, don't laugh. This is actually a decent look inside Monica's head. A lot of people blame her for the scandal surrounding Clinton. This books reveals a complex person with some deep seeded issues that came to a head when she was caught with the President. You should at least give HER side of the story a try.
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7. "One Scandalous Story"

This is a more serious look at the scandal and the press's role in the scandal. It was written by a veteran reporter who was present for the JFK scandals (which were kept quiet) and it takes a rather harsh attitude towards the press for letting the Clinton scandal escalate like it did.
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8. "The Starr Report"

Does this really need a description? Not much that I can say besides, it's history (and more than I wanted to know too). I'll admit that not even I have read the whole thing, but it makes for interesting conversation nonetheless.
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9. "Grand Jury Testimony of William Jefferson Clinton"

This is video from Clinton's Grand Jury testimony. It's very, very graphic however the historical significance of the video can't be ignored. Never has America seen a president so vulnerable. Personally, I think this is a little to much information about Slick Willie.

10. "Primary Colors"

Although it's not supposed to be about Clinton, this movie strikes a familiar chord. John Travolta plays a philandering presidential candidate and Thornton plays his campaign manager. It's all about spinning and winning. At least this one is fun!

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