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Little Rock Average Monthly Temperatures

Weather in Little Rock


Little Rock experiences all four seasons with an average rainfall of 48.52 inches and an average snowfall of 5.2 inches. Temperatures in the summer can reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter temperatures rarely dip below 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Be aware that although the average temperatures for the summer months seem tolerable, the humidity in Little Rock is high (especially in August) and that can make the heat seem more draining!

Average monthly temperature, rainfall and humidity are taking from many different collecting points and so the numbers may vary from one source to another. The official temperature is taken at the Little Rock National Airport.

(temps are low/high)
Average temperature: 30.8°F/49.5°F
Average rainfall (inches): 3.4
Average AM Humidity: 80%

Average temperature: 34.8°F/55.6°F
Average rainfall (inches): 3.6
Average AM Humidity: 79%

Average temperature: 42.6°F/64.2°F
Average rainfall (inches): 4.9
Average AM Humidity: 79%

Average temperature: 50.0°F/72.9°F
Average rainfall (inches): 5.5
Average AM Humidity: 83%

Average temperature: 59.2°F/81.0°F
Average rainfall (inches): 5.2
Average AM Humidity: 87%

Average temperature: 67.8°F/89.0°F
Average rainfall (inches): 3.6
Average AM Humidity: 85%

Average temperature: 72.0°F/92.8°F
Average rainfall (inches): 3.6
Average AM Humidity: 86%

Average temperature: 70.5°F/92.1°F
Average rainfall (inches): 3.3
Average AM Humidity: 85%

Average temperature: 63.6°F/85.1°F
Average rainfall (inches): 4.1
Average AM Humidity: 86%

Average temperature: 51.5°F/75.1°F
Average rainfall (inches): 3.8
Average AM Humidity: 84%

Average temperature: 41.5°F/62.0°F
Average rainfall (inches): 5.2
Average AM Humidity: 81%

Average temperature: 33.9°F/52.5°F
Average rainfall (inches): 4.8
Average AM Humidity: 79%

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