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Arkansas History

From the civil war to segregation, lots of history was made here. Discover your rich cultural roots on the world wide web.

Little Rock - The Villa Marre Historic Home - Little Rock, AR
Information about the Villa Marre and the Marres themselves. This famous house was featured on television's Desiging Women.

Let's Get Historical
This site's look at Arkansas history. Covers the origin of the state name, the origin of the flag and the founding fathers.

Southern Slang
Confused about Southern speak? Don't a varmint from vermin? This Southern Slang Dictionary will clear up all confusion and help you navigate the South.

Arkansas Cemetery Records
Searchable list of cemeteries in Arkansas and around the world.

Arkansas Historical Commission
This site gives some facts about Arkansas history and lists other history resources available in the state.

Arkansas Land Records
Enables you to search pre-1908 land records for surnames.

Arkansas Stories
Experience Arkansas History in a unique way. Arkansas Stories offers short stories and songs about Arkansas history and the people who lived the history and information about historic places. You can catch performances of the info in person, on TV and view some samples online. The site is still new but it's worth a look.

Arkansas Territorial Restoration/Arkansas Museum
This is a living museum of Arkansas history. More information and some historical figures can be found on the site.

Civil War Sites
This site has a listing of Civil War sites in Little Rock and information on how to see them.

Old Statehouse Museum
A multimedia museum of Arkansas's history, people, and culture, The website includes information about exhibits and hours of operation.

The Diamond Spangled Banner
Find out what the markings on the state flag mean and why it was made. We don't have Betsy Ross but our story is just as interesting!

The Arkansas Studies Institute
Learn more about the Arkansas Studies Institute in Little Rock, AR

Tour the Quapaw Quarter
Learn more about Arkansas history by touring the Quapaw quarter, which houses some of the best example of antebellum architecture in the south.

Visit Lakeport Plantation
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Add your own Southern Etiquette Tips and Stories
Do you have a great Southern etiquette tip to share or story to tell? Share it here!

Quapaw Quarter
This organization gives tours of Arkansas historic homes. Dates, location and time are available on the site.

How to be a Southerner
This article in the series on how to be a Southerner teaches you general Southern manners you should use when you visit Arkansas. Though some may seem outdated, you'd be surprised how much of this etiquette you see in Arkansas.

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