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Top 5 Crappie Fishing Spots in Arkansas


Fishing Reports released its top 50 crappie lakes in 2013, which ranked many Arkansas lakes as the best lakes in the country to fish for crappie. Many of the lakes mentioned are also great for other water recreation and fishing for other species of fish. You can read their list on their website, which ranks lakes all over the country. The number one lake in the country for crappie was Grenada Lake, Mississippi.

1. Lake Dardanelle

Fishing Reports ranks Lake Dardanelle as number 9 in the country for the quantity of fish you'll find there, though they do admit the size of the fish isn't as impressive as some other lakes in the country.

Lake Dardanelle is 34,300 acres of water and has visitor's centers in Russellville, AR and in Dardanelle. The swim beach is on the Russelville side. The visitor's center in Russelville has aquariums, a honey bee hive and lots of interactive exhibits (Google Map).

The lake was constructed as part of the McClellan – Kerr Waterway Construction Project which helped make the Arkansas river accessible to commercial ships. The damn was constructed in 1964 and Lake Dardanelle Reservoir was created in 1971. The combination of the lake and the river make this a great fishing spot and a popular area for anglers.

2. Nimrod Lake

Ranked #12 for crappie fishing, Lake Nimrod is 3,550 acres with 77 miles of shoreline on Arkansas Scenic 7 Byway. It was created by the Corps of Engineers and is the oldest Corps of Engineers project in Arkansas. Lake Nimrod is known for fishing of all kinds, not just crappie. Largemouth bass, bream, white bass, and catfish are also popular there. Lake Nimrod is located in Yell County (Google Map), about an hour and a half from Little Rock.

Nimrod is also popular for boating, hiking and camping. There are swimming areas and playgrounds scattered all over. More on swimming in Arkansas lakes.

3. Lake Conway

Lake Conway is a 6,700-acre lake in Arkansas, and ranks #39 for crappie fishing. It is the largest reservoir made by a game and fish commission in the United States. The dam is a very popular spot to fish for bass, catfish, bream and crappie.

The lake was near an oil spill on March 29, 2013, which causes concern for some anglers. Though officials say significant oil did not reach the lake, some environmental groups have claimed to find oil in the lakes (source).

4. Lake Greeson

Lake Greeson ranks #40 for crappie fishing nationwide. This 7,000-acre lake is a popular spot for all kinds of recreation. It is one of Arkansas' diamond lakes, and contains Daisy State Park. It's a popular spot for trout and catfish fishing, along with crappie. It's located on the Little Missouri River (Google Map), near Murfreesburo, the home of the diamond mines.

Diamond lakes are known for their pristine water and clarity.

5. Lake Hamilton

Ranking #48 for crappie fishing, Lake Hamilton is another of Arkansas' diamond lakes. Lake Hamilton is a 7,200-acre reservoir near Hot Springs, Arkansas. It is located on the Ouachita River, and was formed in 1932 from Carpenter Dam (Google Map). Lake Hamilton is a major tourist attraction and it's surrounded by resorts and restaurants, and scenic byway 7 crosses the lake. Many species of fish are found in the water, though bass, trout, catfish and crappie are popular.

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