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Should You Move to Arkansas?
Survey Says, "No"
 What's Your Fave Spot in Arkansas?
"...still like Hot Springs best. Have great memories of the old tower - this was one place my parents always took us at least once a year"
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This article is from 2007 - There is an updated version of this article with the latest data

Thinking of moving to Arkansas? According to Morgan Quitno Press, you should think again! Every year they compile a list of the most liveable cities and states. Arkansas ranked among the top 10 of the least liveable states (it's number 45 overall). Three hundred and fifteen cities were examined and Little Rock ranked near the bottom at 262. Fort Smith did a little better ranking 116.

Morgan Quitno Press used 43 factors (24 positive and 19 negative) to come to these rankings. Minnesota had the best overall livability. The state has held the number one position for four consecutive years. Iowa, Colorado, Utah, New Hampshire, Kansas, Wisconsin, Virginia, Nebraska and Massachusetts follow Minnesota.

At the opposite end was Mississippi which was ranked the least livable state in the nation. Barely ahead of Mississippi were West Virginia, Louisiana, New Mexico, Tennessee, Arkansas, South Carolina, Hawaii, Alabama and Alaska. The least liveable states include most of Arkansas' neighbors.

Apparently Arkansas has one of the highest amounts government spending, a population that is poorly educated and one of the lowest median household incomes. We are also reported to be one of the top 20 most dangerous states because of our crime rate.

The bright side is that we ranked well in climate and have a low cost of living. The low cost of living almost negates the low household income. In my opinion, these two factors should be considered jointly.

So, should you move to Arkansas? I think it depends on who you are. Most of the Southern states are ranked towards the bottom of Morgan Quitano's scale. That doesn't mean the South is unlivable.

There is something about our state that turns Northerners off. Arkansas is more casual than up North. The people move a little slower. Things take a little more time and involve a little less pretense and ritual. That doesn't mean we should be shunned. We have an amazing beauty, a rich culture, and many natural wonders to experience here if you open yourself to them.

I've visited many Northern states and even seen cities in Europe. No matter where I go, Arkansas will always be my home. While Minnesota may be great, their government spending may be lower than ours and their jobs may pay a little better, it can never compare to the spirit of Arkansas. It's a spirit you feel everyday walking down the road, hiking in a park or canoeing down a stream. It's a spirit that no survey can convey and no researcher can put into words. Forty-five out of the fifty? I think not! Arkansas will always be number one to me.

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