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Photo Scrapbook
Ice Storm 2000
The worst ice storm Arkansas had seen in years left many people without power and water and ravaged the trees and plant life of the state. Making it even worse, two huge storms came back to back. One came a week before Christmas & one came on Christmas morning. Power companies from all over the U.S. came to aid Arkansas and almost the entire state was declared a federal disaster area. The National Guard was called in to assist people stranded on the roadside and bring them to many storm shelters. It was a storm that devastated Arkansas.

These photos were taken about a week after the last major storm. Remember, you can click on any photo to be taken to a full sized view of that photo.

Poor Broken treeMany trees were broken due to the weight of the ice.
Many power lines snapped under the weight of 3-4 inches of ice. The power lines also suffered from ice damage.
The ForestsThe forests of the Natural State took on a new glimmer.
And the smaller trees and shrubbery sag with the immense weight. Ice covered shrubs
The Power Crew on BreakThe power crew take a break at the Dixie Cafe in Little Rock.
Trees Sag with the Weight of the IceA pretty pine tree covered in ice
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