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The Ghosts of Arkansas

The Gurdon Light


Gurdon Light

The mysterious ghost light of Gurdon, AR.

Take a trip to Gurdon to see the mysterious ghost light that haunts there. Unlike some of other Arkansas hauntings, it's a present phenomena and not something that's only been seen in the past. It's been seen on television, photographed by tourists and generally accepted as existing. Rather it's a ghostly marker from beyond the grave or a natural scientific phenomena is up for debate.

The local people tell a legend to explain the light. The legend is actually historically accurate. A railroad worker was working outside of the town one night. He accidentally fell into the path of a train and was killed. His head was severed from his body and never found. Local people say the light is actually the light from his lantern as he walks the tracks searching for his missing head. The death of the railman is a fact, but it was fairly common for railway workers to be injured or even killed. Some say the light appeared after the brutal murder of a rail worker in 1931. That also really did happen. Coincidence or not? The townspeople say not.

This light cannot be seen from the highway. You have to go to it. It's a two and half mile hike to the place where you can view the mysterious lantern. You will pass by two trestles before it is seen. The spot is marked by a slight incline in the tracks and then a long hill. The light is an eerie white-blue light which sometimes appears orangish. The light sways back and forth and moves around on the horizon. The light is frequently seen on the darkest nights and best seen when it is cloudy and overcast. The light never reflects off the tracks and there are no roads or buildings nearby so it isn't a reflection from passing headlights or anything else that is easily explainable, although an Arkansas Times article disagreed and claims the light is really just highway lights. Some scientists say it's not. There is also a theory that suggests stress on the quartz crystals underneath Gurdon causes them to emit electricity and produce the light.

Gurdon, Arkansas is located about 75 miles south of Little Rock on Interstate 30 and is located just east of the Interstate on Highway 67. The light is outside of town and along a stretch of railroad tracks. It takes a couple of hours to reach the location. You can ask for directions in Gurdon. Ask at any gas station. Everyone in this small town knows what you mean (they call it "ghost light bluffs"). There is a similiar light with a similiar story in Crossett.

This one I've actually seen for myself. It's quite bizarre but I don't think it looks like a lantern. It's a very crisp, clear light that you can see moving around. My friend and I tried to get close enough to it to see what it was, but that is impossible, it keeps moving around and once you get to where it was, it's gone. This a popular spot for kids on Halloween.

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