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Top 10 Gifts that Say Arkansas


Want to share some of Arkansas with a friend from up North or comfort a displaced relative who has left their Arkansas roots behind? Check out these items. They are bound to bring a little Arkansas to those who receive them (and they even make great gifts for bosses, friends, co-workers, etc. that live in state.)

1) Ozark Quartz Crystals

Nothing says Arkansas like these beautiful, reasonably priced gems. They are especially nice when made into jewelry. You can hunt for your own or go to one of the many online shops which specialize in Arkansas crystal. My favorite shop to visit in person is linked. Their online shop is almost as grand as their actual location.

2) Muscadine & Scuppernong Jelly

These grapes are native to the South and can often be found growing wild here. The fruit yields a delicious and pleasant taste when used in jellies and jams. These special jams make a great gift for Northerners. Let's face it, Northerners probably don't know what a Muscadine is. Eating one would be a real thrill.

3) Great Southern Sauce

This company makes great sauces with names like JR's Favorite Salsa, Sid's Vicious BBQ Rub, Raspberry Hill Julie Jelly, Scorned Woman Salsa and Woody's Bar-B-Q Sauce. My personal fave is their Hudson’s Bourbon Vanilla Praline Sauce. If you haven't used these in your cooking, you should try them! The company has gift packages available to send to anywhere in the US.

4) Arkansas Quilts

Handmade quilts are always an appreciated gift. Arkansas artisans have some beautiful, elegant quilts. You can find quilts locally or shop online.

5) Arkansas Wildlife Magazine

Whether you are interested in hunting, fishing, or enjoying wildlife, this magazine has something for you. It is produced by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. Get a subscription for that nature lover on your list.

6) Arkansas Breads, Biscuits and More

War Eagle Mills makes great little mixes for cornbread, biscuits and other Arkansas favorites. They also have cereals, sweets and soups. A gift basket from them would comfort any displaced Arkansan. These are the foods I craved when I was away from hom.!

7) Hogopoly

This modified version of Monopoly has spaces named "The Pig Trail", "Wooo pig Sooieee!", "Fulbright Dining Hall" and "Razorback Road." This is a fun game for any Hog fan and a great way to share a little bit of Arkansas Razorback fanaticism.

8) Mountain Valley Spring Water

Know someone in one of those states with horrible, undrinkable water? We won't name names, but you know they exist. Send them some of our fresh bottled spring water, straight from Hot Springs Arkansas. They'll thank you for it.

9) A&E's Bill Clinton Biography

Come on, you knew it was coming. You can't mention Arkansas without sneaking Bill in there somewhere. Clinton is what we are best known for. This biography on him is actually very tasteful and explores his history in Arkansas as well as his scandalous presidency. It's one of my favorite pieces done on the 42nd President.

10) Brent and Sam's Cookies

Last, but definitely not least, are these tasty cookies which can be found in almost every supermarket in Arkansas. The Raspberry Chocolate Chip are the best but any kind will hit the spot for that sweet tooth on your list.
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