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Jerry Van Dyke's Soda Shoppe


What ** Jerry Van Dyke's is no longer open!:

Jerry Van Dyke's is an old fashioned soda shop that is owned and operated by Jerry Van Dyke. He is the brother of Dick Van Dyke and the man who played "Luther" on Coach. He's also been the star of many other things. Read more about him. The Shop is a throwback to yesteryear when drugstores made malteds and you could order great burgers and fries while listening to the jukebox. It's also a great tribute to his career, decorated in photographs from his younger days and today.


The Soda Shop is located at 107 South Market Street which is the middle of downtown Benton. It's hard to miss.

Hours of Operation / Contact:

Mon-Tue: 1-4
Wed-Sat: 11-9
Closed Sunday
Call 501-860-5900 to confirm.


Features menu, directions and photographs.

Local Point of View:

This is a nice little place. The food isn't anything better than you'd get in town (although the menus and names are lots more fun) but the atmosphere is wonderful. It's a great place to bring kids and a must visit if you're a fan of either of the Van Dyke brothers. While you're there, you've gotta try the milkshakes.

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