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Top 10 Items For Rock Hounds


Want to be a rock collector? Arkansas is one of the best places to start your collection. From Arkansas quartz to real diamonds, we have the perfect rocks for you. Here's some suggested equipment for rock hunting but you and your kids can go out with just a shovel and come back with some quartz if you know the right spots. Kids love digging for crystal.

1) Collecting Arkansas Minerals

As mentioned, you need to know the right spots to dig and what to look for. If you're a rock newbie, you need a good identification guide. How else are you going to know what you found? This book has a guide to locations where you can find various rocks and minerals, maps, suggested equipment and some color photos.
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2) Collecting Crystals : The Guide to Arkansas Quartz

This is another excellent guidebook. It is only for Arkansas quartz and other crystals. It has maps, cleaning and digging instructions and identification guides.
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3) Garden Rake

A strong garden rake is a good way to start your digging. These come in many styles from small, hand rakes to larger ones where you don't have to get down on your knees. Pick the one that most suits your style.
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4) Rock Picks and Hammers

A variety of hammers are needed for the advanced rock hound. Many rock collectors bring several sizes and types of hammers to a spot. An essential hammer is a rock pick, which is flat on one side and pointed on the other. It can be used for splitting and crushing rock.
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5) Chisels

Much like hammers, you'll need a variety of chisels break into the hard rock that is surrounding most of the really neat specimens you'll want to add to your collection. Be sure to get high quality chisels that won't break easily.
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6) Safety Glasses / Eye Protection

Whenever you're pounding into rock, you need to protect your eyes from flying chips. You might not think this is a necessary purchase but you'll glad you have them.
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7) Gloves

Your hands will need protection too. Handling rocks all day can cause calluses and blisters. A nice pair of cloth garden gloves should be ok for the beginner but if you are really enthusiast, it might be worth investing in a nice pair of leather gloves.
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8) Hand Lens

To get a good look at what you find, you need a hand lens with at least 10x magnification. Some camping lenses come equipped with compasses and more.
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9) Storage Boxes / Display Cases

At first, you might just decide to keep your collection in cardboard boxes. Eventually, you'll want better storage or to display some pieces. Be aware that rocks are big and take up lots of space. That's something to think about before you begin this hobby.
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10) Cushions, sunscreen, food & drink, bug spray, etc.

Remember all the miscellaneous items you'll need to just be outdoors for a long period of time. Once you start digging, you won't want to stop, especially if you hit a good spot and are finding lots of crystals.
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